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Elope UK – Elopements & Outdoor Weddings in Cornwall

Welcome to Elope UK & Cornwall Elopements

We are Jo and Patrick, elopement photographers, adventurers, sea swimmers and romance capturers – we know the best hidden wild swimming coves as well as the finest independent restaurants and coffee shops that serve local homemade dishes and Cornish teas, perfect to tuck into after one of your coastal walks. This online platform will guide you and give you everything and more so you can enjoy a stress-free, fun and memorable Elopement with us, here in Cornwall the most amazing outdoor wedding ‘venue’ we know and love. Discover your dream elopement in Cornwall…

Do you want to experience the most magical and unique elopement, soaking up the rugged beauty of Cornwall- the land of legends, mystery and mythology? Elope UkCornwall Elopement is an Elopement & Outdoor Ceremony Guide for adventurous couples in Cornwall & UK who want to have a low impact and eco friendly wedding in the unrivalled romance of nature or an approved specialist elopement venue. This informative Guide contains everything you need to know about your Cornwall Elopement but didn’t know who to ask. You will find a list of top local wedding suppliers who are approved and rated, advice on where the best locations are hidden for your perfect, private wild ceremony and tips on how to enjoy your Cornish Honeymoon & Runaway Wedding.

Outdoor Weddings & Ceremonies in Cornwall

Would you like to have a more environmentally friendly Elopement, Handfasting or small Intimate Wedding without using a venue? Do you want to embrace nature and say your vows in the wild, beautiful rugged landscape of Cornwall?

In this section we will cover everything you need to know with planning your outdoor wedding in cornwall. Whether its about the weather, choosing locations, using a celebrant, the best times of days and the best seasons in Cornwall, you’re in the right place and we can help. We also love inspiring our couples to consider alternative locations such as our ancient stone circles, old ruins, shipwrecks, hidden beaches, sea caves, castles and old Cornish mines. We are passionate about helping you have a unique and fun Wedding Experience.

Elope Uk

“You keep me safe i’ll keep you wild”

We are Jo and Patrick and live in beautiful Cornwall.

We love travelling to remote places around the world, hiking, wild swimming, and eating lots of pasties and cream teas on the cliffs. Being Cornwall’s top Elopement Photographers, with 7 years experience and more than 300 Elopements later, we have seen it all! We are really passionate about promoting Cornwall as the U.K’s number one Elopement Destination and would like to share our knowledge with all our wonderful couples. Our Elopement Guide and Cornwall Travel Guide will hopefully help couples with finding Top Suppliers, things to do in Cornwall on their Honeymoon and inspire couples to elope to Cornwall

There really is no better place.

Please watch our video to find out a little more about us.


Advice for your Cornwall Elopement

12 tips to Finding The Perfect Elopement Photographer

The one thing left when your wedding is over is your images. Choosing the right Elopement Photographer will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding.

How to get the Best Elopement Pictures

Read more about our top 10 tips on how to get amazing elopement images on your wedding day. Help and advice with planning and locations.

11 Alternative Pagan Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Adventurous, confident, trail-blazing couples who love the outdoor lifestyle are always looking for new ways to have an outdoor wedding in cornwall . A ceremony that is as unique and unconventional as they are.


Enchanted Brides – Wedding Photographer

A sensitive, discreet, experienced Elopement Photographer is imperative if you want meaningful, powerful films and images of your Cornwall Elopement. Take a look through our Gallery of Real Elopements we have captured in Cornwall. By mastering our evocative and powerful filming technique we are able to catch your intimate moments during your wedding day. To find out how to choose your Cornwall Elopement Photographer, How to work with us, What to expect, How much we charge and just how important an experienced and professional Elopement Photographer is, please read more.

What is an elopement?

Historically an Elopement was when a couple escaped from having a formal, traditional wedding by running away to get married in secret without telling their family. For the modern couple it has a different meaning. Our couples choose to travel somewhere special and scenic (like Cornwall) on their own, with or without telling anyone so they can enjoy the freedom of celebrating their wedding day how they want to. And we love helping them!

How much does it cost for an elopement?

The average wedding in the U.K costs on average around £32,000.

How much does it cost to elope UK?

The average wedding in the U.K costs on average around £32,000. The cost of an Elopement is so much less and varies depending on where you are going, what services you are using and what you choose to include in your day. The costs of the venue, dress, suit, flowers or your meal will be according to your budget, personal style and tastes. If you want to legalise your wedding you will need to have a simple “no-frills” legal signing appointment at your local Registry Office which can be before or after your ceremony with us. This usually costs in the region of £60. Check with your local office for details. If you have a wild Elopement with us, you won’t need to hire a venue unless you want to and Cornwall has a lovely selection of small venues that specialise in intimate Elopements and Small weddings in cornwall.

Can you get married on a beach in Cornwall?

Yes! If you are planning on having a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony, you will be able to have

your wedding anywhere, any place and any how you like.(see above answer)

and No! If you are wanting to have a legally binding marriage on the beach then you will need a Registrar and a licenced venue.

04. Why do people elope?

The most common reasons are no-stress, no-fuss, no family politics and obligations, more affordable and budget-friendly. But we have found the most important reason is that our couples get excited at crafting their own day according to their own values and beliefs. An Elopement that aligns with their future hopes, dreams, ethics and life goals. Our couples want an authentic, unique, personal experience that has none of the old outdated traditions that have no meaning for them. And we are so glad about that!

Real Love Stories – Elope Uk

Poldark Elopemet in Cornwall

Bernice and Wade eloped to Cornwall from South Africa. “Poldark. I just wanted to be surrounded by majestic scenery, the beach and hair billowing in the wind aka Demelza. Haha. If I’d given Wade half a chance he would’ve probably arrived at the ceremony on horseback. Cornwall is the perfect combination of history and natural beauty that stirs my old soul”.

Cliff Elopement in Corwall

Emma & Dennis elope to Cornwall for their beautiful Cliff Elopement. “We chose Cornwall as we have really happy memories from lots of weekend breaks we’ve both taken there together, and we love being by the sea so it was the obvious choice for us”.

Boho Cornwall Elopement

Lily & Alan celebrated their small intimate wedding at Boho Cornwall Elopements. ” We chose Cornwall because we have happy memories of times there. We love the atmosphere, the wildness and the romance of the place. It was a dramatic backdrop for our wedding”.

Cornwall Travel Guide – Things to do on your Honeymoon.

Hopefully in our Cornwall Travel Guide section couples will be able to find inspiration for things to do in Cornwall on their elopement or honeymoon. As always we love promoting activities that involve spending as much time in nature, from the ‘Top 10 coastal Walks in Cornwall, to ‘6 of the best Tidal Pools for wild Swimming’, ‘Best place to eat a cream tea and watch the Sunset’, ‘Best place to watch the stars’ along with plenty inspiration such as ‘Top 15 things to do on your Honeymoon in Cornwall’.We will be adding blog posts weekly to this section so please keep coming back to check for new inspiration by clicking on the ‘Read More’ below.

Let’s Elope

Connect with us and let’s chat about your dreamy Cornwall Elopement.

Win an Outdoor Wedding in Cornwall

One lucky and adventurous couple will have the chance to win our ‘Wild Lovers’ Outdoor Elopement Package. This package will include 2 hours of photography and a 30 minute ceremony with Wild Blessing Ceremonies. The lucky couple will also get some some cheeky extra’s like an elopement cake from White Radish and a seasonal bouquet from Cornish Cutting Garden. To enter our giveaway please read our Outdoor Ceremonies’ page to choose which is your favourite outdoor location in Cornwall, then head over to the link below to enter.



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