11 Alternative pagan wedding ceremony Ideas

November 11, 2020

Adventurous, confident, trail-blazing couples who love the outdoor lifestyle are always looking for new ways to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. A ceremony that is as unique and unconventional as they are. I will share some ways in which to incorporate these ideas into your ceremony and to help you create your own rituals to personalise your wedding day.Here are a few of my favourite ways to keep your inner Pagan happy during your Handfasting or Intimate Elopement wedding ceremony.

EMBRACE NATURE – Pagan Wedding Ideas

1- Nature is your best friend when it comes to finding a venue for your alternative outdoor elopement uk ceremony. Who needs to be surrounded by walls while saying your vows. When you have a Pagan Blessing Ceremony outdoors, you can shout out your vows from a dramatic mountain top, whisper them under gently swaying branches or barefoot, with your feet being gently washed by waves ebbing and flowing to an ancient rhythm. Pagan Wedding, Wedding Ideas, Wedding Ideas

You have an amazing readymade backdrop to enhance, not only your Pagan Handfasting or Wedding Blessing Ceremony but your photos too, as they will be spectacular! Explore forests, woodlands, mountains, hills, caves, lakes or rivers to find hidden gems. Places that are quiet and undisturbed can make amazing ceremony locations. Ideas, Wedding Ideas, 

Pagan wedding in Cornwall uk with kissing couple in ancient stone circle


Try to find places that are not too far or difficult to get to, especially if you’re wanting to have any interesting items that are heavy or bulky. Wedding Ideas


2- Swords, shields, boats, cauldrons, goblets, costumes, mirrors, picture frames, lanterns and candle holders are all items that can add interest not only to your ceremony but will also look amazing in your wedding photographs. Scan the charity shops, online auctions or buy, sell and swop pages on your social media sites for bargain buys. Swords and daggers can be used to exchange your rings and are popular in Pagan/Viking Weddings.

3- Fake animal skins and different textures for cushions and carpets add interest and comfort to your surroundings. If you are able to find or make any big, chunky timber thrones, they really look amazing but are not practical if you want to trek into a wild location unless you have very strong friends! Start searching early so you have time to build your collection up before your wedding day.Pagan Ceremony Table for wedding in Cornwall with handfasting ribbon and runes


Most Pagans will want to acknowledge and honour the 4 quarters and the Elements in some form during their wedding ceremony or Handfasting.

4- Air

To honour the Element of Air in your ceremony, use white or yellow colours in your choice of candles, lanterns, windchimes, incense, feathers and fabrics in the East. Large flags, banners, bunting or prayer flags work well here too! This is the area of Communication so you may want to say a vow that will focus on the communication between the two of you here.Pagan Ceremony in Cornwall with Ribbon

5- Fire

When choosing items or decorations, use shades of reds and oranges to enhance this element. This is the direction of Passion and faces South. A ring of fire torches would be amazing here to create a circle around your whole ceremony space. A firepit is also a welcome addition if your ceremony is held during colder, chillier evenings and makes a great spot for hot chocolate and marshmallows after your ceremony. Make sure you follow safety precautions when using fire in your ceremony and keep water or extinguisher close at hand.Fire Element at a pagan wedding in cornwall

6- Water

Shades of blue are associated with this element and it faces West. Your emotional wellbeing is represented in this area. Having your ceremony standing on the water’s edge at sunset would be beautiful. Bathing outdoors in a flowing stream as a cleansing ritual can be a special time for you both to release any past issues and deepen your emotional connection before you have your ceremony. Pouring water over your hands or feet or both from a blue jug would be a similar idea if finding a stream proves tricky.

7- Earth.

To honour the North, one could include a soil unity ritual. Soil from your gardens or places of birth could be blended together to symbolise your heritages and union and be placed in an interesting wooden box or treasure chest on display. A gazebo or arch constructed with timber or Bamboo and decorated with flowers or dried grasses would be a lovely way to bring in the Earth Element in your ceremony too. Shades of blacks and greens are traditional colours to be used to symbolize the North area of stability and nourishment. Salt can be used to create a circle in which to hold your ceremony, perhaps coloured to represent the 4 quarters. Your wedding rings can nestle in a bed of salt during your ceremony to purify and cleanse them and to enhance the protective energies surrounding you as a couple.

8- Centre

The area to honour Spirit and the Gods/Goddesses that have meaning for you. Statues, flowers, mead, ale or wine to be drunk out of horns and your choice of cake, cookie or sweet treat would usually be placed on a small table in the centre of your ceremony space. This is a great area to add your own personal touches to make your ceremony unique by using some of your own meaningful items and photographs.


Be creative in your use of colours and items to express your respect for the planet, each other and your love story.

Lanyon Quoit in Cornwall with kissing Couple

10- Spirituality

If you are already following a Nature-based Spiritual path, you will probably have some practices that are special to your spiritual journey and many that are suitable to be included into your Pagan wedding day. Think out the box and see what you can create.Wedding wishing paper

11- Create your own rituals.

There are so many traditions that are inspired by ancient roots that can be reworked, modernised and can be adapted and changed to suit you and how you want your ceremony to feel. One example would be a Hand-Tying or Hand-fasting Ritual. There are numerous ways to perform this and so many ways to “tie the knot.” It is always a popular addition included in most Pagan Wedding Ceremonies. ”Jumping of the Besom Broom” is the final, fun and popular way to conclude your amazing Wedding Ceremony and is the perfect way to jump into your new future together after sweeping away the obstacles in front of you.Norse, Celtic Handfasting Ritual in Cornwall


It’s your day, create your own rituals to express your love for each other and celebrate your unique love story just how you want to. I hope you have found these suggestions inspirational and you will try to incorporate some of them into your own Pagan Wedding or Handfasting Ceremony.

These ideas will help take your Outdoor Elopement UK to the next level and showcase your quirky style beautifully.We specialise in wonderful, Wild, Outdoor Weddings, Handfasting or Pagan Blessing Ceremonies (which have the WOW factor) so please contact us if you would like to book your own Wild Wedding experience with us or you want to find out more. We have many years of creating memorable outdoor weddings for our couples and we would love you to follow in the footsteps of your fellow Adventurers with us.

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