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November 11, 2020

Micro-weddings and elopements are becoming more and more popular, we have put together a list of intimate wedding food trends to suit all tastes and budgets. Specialising in tailor-made menus using fantastic ingredients from our farm and local suppliers we are able to design dream wedding food for eloping couples and small wedding parties. wedding food , Cornwall Wedding, Cornwall Wedding, Cornwall Wedding

The beauty of eloping is that you don’t have to just stop at your wedding day feast, why not have pre and post wedding day food too! Maybe an intimate pre-prepared meal the night before, a private chef to cook for you on your actual wedding day, followed by a luxury champagne breakfast hamper the next day.! If your guest count is looking smaller than you had originally budgeted for and you now have a bit of extra cash to spend on their wedding day why not create a dazzling fare for two! Or perhaps something more low-key and inFmate, like the ulFmate in comfort foods. We can even make you a dream elopement wedding cake, perfect for just two or a small wedding party. Here are some of our most popular catering opFons for small wedding parFes and eloping couples: Micro Wedding , Wedding Caterer Cornwall,    Wedding Cornwall


These are one of our most popular inFmate wedding food opFons, as they can be tailor made to suit your taste, budget and dietaries. Our hamper baskets also come with eco-friendly disposable palm leaf plates and wooden cutlery and so require no hiring in of anything and no washing up.! We drop them off to your door so you can enjoy at your leisure rather than be restricted to any timings, which is especially useful when you want to catch that sunset in the evening for epic photo opportunities.!


We will prepare all the food in our kitchens and then deliver to your door. This is perfect for those who are looking for a fuss-free romanFc meal for two or a sharing style family feast that is freshly prepared by a professional chef. All you have to do is heat up and serve as and when you like.! Great if you want to do minimal work and don’t want any staff but still want a professionally cooked meal for you and your loved ones. Wedding Caterer Cornwall, Wedding Caterer Cornwall, 


When it comes to canapes, we believe that they should not only taste exquisite, but they should look spectacular too. Our canapes are served on interacFve boards and beauFful boxes that make these Fny morsels almost too good to eat. If you aren’t planning on having a sit-down recepFon dinner as such but want to offer your guests post ceremony food then canapes are a great opFon. You also won’t need to hire in any crockery and cutlery or create a seating plan too! Wedding Caterer Cornwall

Cannape from wedding caterer cornwall


Our exclusive chef will create a delicious menu for you and your guests and on your wedding day we will come to your venue or accommodaFon and cook for you. When catering for smaller groups we are able to create a much more refined menu should you wish. And we can supply staff to serve and clear away so that you don’t have a mountain of washing up to do either. Perhaps you want a sumptuous fine dining experience, or you might prefer us to create a menu that’s significant to you as a couple or a sharing style family feast.? Whatever it is you are looking for we can tailor make an intimate meal to suit you both.

TASTING MENUS – Wedding Caterer 

Wedding food that wows! You may have had to reduce your guest numbers to a fracFon of what they were or perhaps you are eloping just the two of you, so why not go all out and treat yourselves to an unforgebable meal and make new food memories. We will create a gorgeous tasFng menu designed especially for you and your nearest and dearest using incredible produce from our farm and local arFsan suppliers. Our tasFng menus are designed for those looking for a food experience to remember for all of Fme. So, there you have it, our top five intimate wedding food options to suit different tastes, budgets and styles, whether you are looking for an extravagant feast for fifteen or a home-cooked meal for two, there are endless options to suit all couples. 

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