Best Tidal Pools for Wild Swimming in Cornwall

December 5, 2020

Couples that want to experience something unique on their honeymoon or wedding in Cornwall will be absolutely spoilt for choice for beautiful tidal pools for wild swimming in Cornwall.

Welcome to our blog post about the best Tidal Pools for Wild Swimming in Cornwall. The sea can be changeable and challenging during stormier weather and tidal pools in Cornwall are a great way to still connect with nature safety in an enclosed environment without the fear of rip currents and big waves. We find they are so romantic and you can connect with one another in a unique way in the water without crowds.

Cornwall is blessed by many rock pools of all shapes and sizes and it is always possible to find a quiet rock pool away from the crowds if you are prepared to walk a little. 

Couple kiss naked byword swimming in the sea as the waves crash around them on their wild swimming adventure in Cornwall

Wild Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity for all the family. Swimming outdoors in Cornwall is a great way to stay fit and connect with nature and each other. 

Before your tidal pool cornwall adventure make sure you visit the beaches during an outgoing tide, we recommend going 2 hours before low tide to safely access the rock pools to allow enough time before the tide turns and heads back in. 

Please use a local Tide Book or App on your phone such as Magicseaweed to check the accurate tide times. The tide times vary slightly from beach to beach and please be careful of spring tides when the tides can be higher or lower than predicted. When climbing down to the beach to jump off the rocks to swim, please make sure you can safely climb back out before the tide changes. Keep your exit points in view to safely leave hidden beaches.

** If you fancy a sunset dip in a tidal pool in Cornwall maybe take some LED candles to put around the sea pool to make it extra romantic & a bottle of fizz. Please just remember to take them home with you afterwards.

tidal pool for wild swimming in cornwall

The History of the Secret Sea Pools in Cornwall

If you don’t fancy looking for your own quiet, private rock pool then these man-made tidal pools are an easier option. The well known ones such in Cape Cornwall  can get crowded during the warmer months but if you go early in the morning or visit out of season you will often be rewarded by having the pool to yourself. Some of these pools are not as old as you may think.

Miners used explosives to blow sea pools in rocks around west Cornwall for safe wild swimming for children and adults alike. With man-made tidal pools looking almost identical to the many natural tidal pools, it is difficult to establish how many there are in Cornwall. There is very little recorded history about the creation of these pools by Miners, with most of it coming from word of mouth. We have been lucky enough to find many of them whilst exploring and walking the South West coast path. 

wild swimming cornwall

Couple in front of tidal pool Cornwall

Wild Swimming boy relaxes in the waves in a sea pool in Cornwall

Our Favourite Sea Pools in Cornwall

Cornwall has many unique tidal pools which fill up with seawater at every high-tide. As the tide drops the sun heats the water. Isolated from the dangers of open ocean currents and crashing waves, these tidal pools are ideal to explore during your Honeymoon. Here are our favourite tidal and rock pool locations for wild swimming in Cornwall. 

Song of the Sea, Nanjizal

This natural tidal pool has got to be the most magical of them all. Unfortunately it is quite popular now with Instagramers so can be quite busy depending on the weather but you can still have this tidal pool to yourself out of season or early in the morning. The arch is called the ‘Song of the Sea’ and is about a 30 minute walk from Land’s End or over the fields if parking on the road. 

Wild swimming cornwall


Here you can find a hidden pool to the far side of Porthtowan. It makes for a great little escape and sea swim. It is nestled in the cliffs with the waves crashing in and around it and you are surrounded by sea birds. 


This tidal pool is slightly more exposed and on show but still worth a quick dip if you are nearby. It is very shallow but great for kids. The Rockpool or the Old Coastguard are great little places to warm up in afterwards.

Boat Cove, Pendeen 

This little hidden cove has been gaining popularity over the years. The sea pool always tends to be quiet and we’ve never seen many people swimming there. It’s a wonderful and dramatic sea swim with views onto the high cliffs towards Carn Glaver and the sandy beach of Portheras.

Children’s Pool, Priest’s Cove, Cape Cornwall

Another tidal pool which is probably the most iconic is the sea pool that lies in the bay of Priest Cove, a tiny little bay. The sea pool is England’s most westerly tidal pool and is quite deep at the far side. We have spent many a day swimming and splashing in here over the years. It is generally quiet out of season and we recommend walking to the top of Cape Cornwall before or after your swim to enjoy spectacular views.

Portreath Tidal Baths 

Up against the harbour wall to the far right of Portreath beach you can find a small tidal pool.  Apparently, a local blew the tidal pool out using dynamite borrowed from the local mine workings. To the left of the beach are six smaller bath-shaped pools that were carved out for Lady Frances Bassett during the 19th century. A popular swimming spot with wild swimming groups in the area and fun for kids of all ages. 

The Rock Pool at Treyarnon Bay

This large tidal pool can be found along the coastal path from Constantine Bay toward Treyarnon Bay.  A wall of concrete has been built to maintain the water level inside the natural rock pool. Here and you will find a big, pool-sized tidal lido hidden in the rocks. 

There are two more popular sea pools at Perranporth & Bude and the famous Jubilee Pool but we tend to avoid those due to larger crowds. Hopefully we have inspired you to explore Cornwalls rock and tidal pools to create some magical moments and memories during your visit. We will be releasing our ‘Favourite Beaches in West Cornwall’ soon so stay tuned. 

Bride and groom jump into the water on their elopement to wild swim

There are a few more hidden gems that we have chosen not to publish here. We will happily share our knowledge with any couples if they book a wedding package with us. These locations allow you to enjoy your wild swim, all to yourself, in a big sea pool. We ask that you keep the locations private when sharing on social media. 


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