Cornwall Elopements on a Cliff with Wedding Couple

Elliot & Eileesh - Elope to Cornwall

On the magical day of the 22nd of February 2022 - 22/02/2022, we had the wonderful privilege of holding the elopement ceremony of our adventurous, fun-loving couple Eileesh and Elliot. We walked along the scenic cliff top path near Lands End to our destination hidden behind a rocky outcrop with magnificent views over the ocean. It was very windy but added such movement and drama to Eileesh's stunning cape which had a fur-lined hood. Their ceremony included meaningful and fun elements like the gold hand tying cord which was inspired by a favourite song of theirs. The song mentions a gold cord connecting a couple together. This couple love fantasy novels and Jacki from Wild Blessing Ceremonies referenced and quoted from a few special ones during their ceremony as readings and as part of the vows and ring exchange. After the ceremony, they celebrated their union in the best possible way by enjoying warm Cornish Mead and a Cornish cream tea - a simple cliff top picnic at its finest. We then headed down into the cove to explore sea caves, paddle in the sea and collect some sand in a jar to take a special bit of Cornwall home with them. To read more about Elieesh and Elliot's outdoor winter elopement on the Cornish cliffs in their own words please read on...

Cliff Elopement Cornwall

Handfasting Ceremony in Cornwall
kissing Wedding Couple in beautiful pagan wedding dress after Handfasting

Why did you choose to have an cliff elopement in Cornwall?

We really wanted the focus of our day to be about how much we love each other and not being worried constantly about other people. We started off planning what we hoped would be a small wedding, but quickly it was getting out of control and was getting stressful. Initially we only joked about eloping, but we quickly fell in love with the idea and, after talking it through more seriously, we decided it would be a wonderfully romantic way to get married.

Sea Cave Elopement Wedding in Cornwall

What inspired you to choose Cornwall for your Cliff Elopement?

Out of the two of us, it’s Eileesh who has a big connection to Cornwall. Eileesh spent her childhood summers with long trips to Cornwall and has so many happy memories of it. We’ve only visited as a couple once before we decided to elope there, but enjoyed every moment!  We are  in love with the wild scenery and the moodiness of the landscape too and how alive you feel when you are there.

Cliff Elopement Cornwall with happy small wedding Couple

romantic firelit ceremony in song of the sea

How much time did you take to plan your special day?

We planned seriously for  under a year. We spent the first few months of our engagement planning what would have been a very stressful family wedding before deciding over the summer we actually wanted to elope and then finalising our decision the October before our February date.

beautiful pagan Wedding Dress in Cornwall near Lands End

Tell us a little bit about what you chose to wear and why?

I chose a wonderful dress handmade by your ptashka couture, an independent dress maker in the Ukraine. It really gave me the vibe I wanted - I wanted to look like the heroine from some victorian gothic romance novel. I also wore a cape, made for me by my sister as a wedding present - a practical and stylish way to keep the cold off.

kissing Couple fer elopement wedding on the cliffs in Cornwall

happy couple laughing on beach in cornwall

Elliot got his wedding band from Slate Road Design

Eileesh got her dress from Your Ptashka Couture

Be flexible on some things - we ended up changing our location last minute, but it turned out for the better as it was stunning! Bring comfy shoes and something warm if it’s winter. Don’t be afraid to get messy, dirty and a little rained on. Don’t stress! It’s fun and carefree. Enjoy yourself!

Any tips & information about your wedding suppliers?
Sea Cave Wedding in Cornwall with romantic Light
Sea Cave Elopement with kissing Wedding Bride and Groom in Cornwall

Cliff Elopement Cornwall

Why you chose Cornwall Elopements & what is your favourite memory?

They really fitted with us as a couple in terms of our requirements and aesthetics - I had followed them for a while on instagram and was just in awe! It’s so hard to choose because the whole day was like a dream, but we think our favourite memory  was dancing in the sea cave, falling over in the sand and having such a good laugh.

Happy Wedding Bride Portrait
Anything else at all to help inspire other couples to elope?

It really is an experience like no other. The intimacy and romance of eloping, especially in a gorgeous location in Cornwall, could not have been beaten in my wildest dreams by any wedding we could have planned (yes even if we have a million pounds to throw at it).

Barefoot wild adventures Bride

couple lands end kissing wedding

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