Cliff Elopement in Cornwall – Beacon Crag Wedding in Porthleven

November 19, 2020

Emma & Dennis Elope to Cornwall – Beacon Crag

They celebrate their beautiful day with a Cliff Elopement in Cornwall and handfasting at Beacon Crag in Porthleven. weddings

Beacon Crag Wedding Bride and groom stand on the edge of the cliffs as they kiss passionately and the wind blows the brides dress and big waves crash below them

Why did you choose to have an cliff elopement?

The second time of having to postpone our wedding and with the possibility of a third on the horizon, we decided to take the jump and elope! The wedding had become a stressful situation which is not what it should be about, so we wanted to remind ourselves why we were getting married in the first place and that was for us – so having a wedding with just us seemed the perfect solution!

We chose Cornwall as we have really happy memories from lots of weekend breaks we’ve both taken there together, and we love being by the sea so it was the obvious choice for us. weddings in Cornwall

Our Small Elopement Venue

As soon as we saw Beacon Crag was available on the dates we wanted we booked straight away! The small elopement venue setting was just perfect – private, right on the sea front, with every window having a beautiful view of the sea! Plus they had a hot tub so we were sold.

Couple kiss on the dramatic Cornish cliffs during their winter elopement in Cornwall as the waves crash around them on the rocks at Porthleven

Our Elopement Photographer Cornwall

Our small wedding venue we chose recommended Enchanted Brides and so I checked their social media page and knew immediately that Jo and Patrick were the perfect wedding photographers for us! They capture the environment as well as the emotions of the people in the pictures, which was so important to us knowing that we were going to be sharing these with so many friends/family members who weren’t at the day itself. I couldn’t be happier with our choice – Jo & Patrick were so much fun, they made us feel at ease on the day so it didn’t even feel like they were taking pictures, so natural yet dramatic and the photographs captured are just magical! Weddings in Cornwall

Adventurous Elopements in Cornwall as couple say vows on the dramatic coastline

Jacki – The Wedding Celebrant

Wild Blessing Ceremonies immediately put me at ease and took the time to really find out all of our history/story/feelings so that she could create a personal and intimate ceremony for us.  Jacki also included our friends and family in the ceremony with her words and that just was absolutely so perfect and special. The handfasting cords and charms that were chosen were again so perfect and suited us, the fact that Jacki took so much time and thought to choose these made it feel extra special! Jacki had to go out of her comfort zone to climb down the cliffs and perform the ceremony – for this we will be forever grateful and thankful we chose someone who made sure our day was absolutely perfect for us!!

A outdoor wedding celebrant conducts a ceremony on the cliffs in Cornwall as the waves crash behind the couple

Our favourite memories and parts of the wedding day?

Both of our favourite memories has to be the spot where Jo & Patrick scoped out for our ceremony – right on the cliffs! The words everyone spoke, the magical feel of being down on the cliffs committing our relationship to one another whilst the waves crashed behind us was just breathtaking. Something we will never forget!! Beacon Crag Wedding

Elopements in Cornwall

Firstly – you’ve made the right choice! Eloping to Cornwall was one of the best decisions we’ve made and our advice would be to keep it simple. You often forget what a wedding is about when you get caught up in all of the details, so have fun! If things go wrong it doesn’t matter, just enjoy the day as it goes so quickly. And secondly, photography is key as all of your friends and family will rely on this to get an understanding of the wedding and feel as if they are there – so Enchanted Brides are the answer to that!
We didn’t stay long so unfortunately didn’t get to explore much, but we ate the tasting menu at Kato Kai in Porthleven which was just incredible – so special and different it was such an experience! Beacon Crag Wedding, Beacon Crag Wedding 

A black and white image of a couple walking barefoot over the rocks at Rinsey as the wind blows the brides dress weddings in cornwall

Top priorities for our small Wedding at Beacon Crag

Top priorities were the photography and venue – both go hand in hand. We cut costs with guests (obviously!) and a cheaper wedding dress which I’m so glad I did as I didn’t feel worried about it being covered in sand etc. so I enjoyed the day more. And it washes out easily! Also, we opted for a cheaper grooms suit and no décor as it wasn’t needed, the views of Cornwall and the venue itself were enough.

There is absolutely nothing that we would have done differently. Everything was just perfect. Best decision we’ve ever made and now all we have to stress about planning is a big party (easy!) with our friends and family once we’re allowed. Eloping to Cornwall has changed our whole mindset of a wedding and what it’s really about so we’ll be keeping the party simple, romantic and most of all fun!


ement in cornwall

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