Top 8 Coastal Walks in Cornwall

December 5, 2020

Here are some of our favourite coastal walks in Cornwall. If you are here on your Honeymoon in Cornwall or staying during your wedding in Cornwall then spending time in nature is a must. If you love walking and hiking then Cornwall makes the perfect location. We have walked lots of the South West Coast path in all seasons.

We love finding secret beaches in Cornwall

or places less travelled on our hikes for wild swimming and skinny dipping. Please be advised that the distance and time is an estimate depending on skill level and ability, please use a Sat Nav or GPS for exact distance. Also please check weather and tide times if you are planning to visit some of the locations such as Nanjizle to see the sea cave which is only accessed at certain tides.coastal walks cornwall

1. Predannack Wollas to Kynance Cove – coastal walks

(2.6 miles – 1 hour walk)

Perhaps one of our favourite coastal walks on our doorstep. We have only ever encountered a handful of walkers on this route. The cliffs are extremely high and magnificent along here with some lovely little swim spots during really calm seas. Please note this is only advisable for experienced sea swimmers. 

A sunset over Predannack with the sunlight lighting up the grass in the foreground

You will also pass by Predannack Airfield and see the remains of the old plane wreckages. This area is out of bounds but you can still get a glimpse of them in the distance. It also makes for a great place to watch the milky way and for wild camping. There is a little hidden rocky cove before Kynance that is beautiful to have a picnic.

A dark and moody sky over the popular Kynance Cove during sunset

2. Porthleven – Rinsey

(3.6 miles 1hr 20 min)

Big Waves hits Porthleven in Cornwall

Well, we live in Porthleven so we spend a lot of time on this stretch of coastline and the coastal walk to Rinsey is beautiful. We suggest walking from Rinsey to Porthleven however, that way you can have a pub lunch or drink when you finish. We highly recommend the pizza at the Corner Deli or grabbing a delicious Anne’s Pasty and sitting on the harbour watching the world go by. If you have kids with you, they might love doing some jumping into the harbour at high tide which is popular with the local kids.

Cornish mines dot the cliffs at Rinsey and are lit golden by the setting sun

Rinsey is beautiful, scattered with old mines and it has a beautifulbeach at the end which is accessible after a rather slippery climb down the rocks. The sand levels at this beach are very dramatic and the tide comes in quickly. Please be careful. lt is one of our favourite swimming spots during the quieter months. It is also popular with rock climbers and there are some free roaming ponies that add to the beauty. The cliffs are beautiful and dramatic along here- highly recommended.

3. Godrevy to Portreath

(6.4 miles 2hrs 25min)

It is hard to have favourites as there is so much choice. Another beautiful coastal walk is from Gwithian or Godrevy to Portreath. This is a slightly longer walk so it’s best to start earlier in the day and take a cream tea or picnic with you. There are a good handful of hidden beaches along this path if you take the time to look. All of them involve a steep climb and not for the faint hearted. There are also ponies roaming the cliffs and hundreds of sea birds. Hell’s Mouth cafe is along the route.

Pink wildflowers scatter the cliffs with the blue cornish sea behind

We like to take our camping cooker and cook lunch on the cliffs. Bassets Cove is a slightly easier scramble down the cliff and a great little sea dip opportunity at low tide. The cliffs around Portreath are also jagged and beautiful.

Sunset with cliffs and birds in cornwall on your coastal walk in Cornwall

4. Levant to Pendeen

(1.5 miles 30 mins)

Levant is the less popular of the mines but just as beautiful in our opinion. The red clay paths and old stone walls crumbling into the sea make for great views. The colours of the rock are tainted by the old mine workings, reds, greens and blues drip down the cliffs, on the coastal path towards Pendeen Lighthouse. This location is rarely busy, unlike Pendeen which has been hard to find parking in busier months. If you make it to Pendeen, make sure to pop down to Boat Cove at low tide, for a swim. The next beach along, Portheras Cove, which is a long sandy beach,is also great.

Levant Mine under the stars with a bright milky way

Please be aware that these beaches do not have lifeguard cover and have strong rip currents along this stretch of coastline. If you are not the most confident swimmer, there is a tidal pool at Boat Cove which is great for swimming.

5. Land’s End to Nanjizal

(1.6 miles 35 min)

Lands end Arc is framed by two granite rocks as the sun sets and lights up the cliffs This coastal walk is spectacular and beautiful in all weather. The path towards the ‘Song of the Sea’ cave passes the Arc at Land’s End- a beautiful natural arch in the rock in the ocean. There are dramatic rock formations that rise out above the cliffs framing the coastline. Winding down towards Nanjizal, you will be rewarded by a relatively quiet beach which is becoming busier over the years. Out of season and towards sunset, it is still quiet, so you can often spend your visit alone. The sea pool in the sea cave is well worth visiting and having a swim in, if you are feeling brave.

TidalPool with sun as backlight in the sea cave

5a. Sennen to Nanjizal

(2.8 miles – 1 hour)

If you have more time and want a longer walk then walking from Sennen to Nanjizal is a good choice.

Coast in Cornwall around Lands End Sunset with cliffs

You will be able to view Cornwall’s famous shipwreck between Sennen and Lands End, the RMS Mulheim. We personally avoid the more touristy Land’s End Visitor centre (which is filled with screaming children and crowds) and quickly bypass the masses as we join onto the coast path to Nanjizal.

Nanjizal Beach with Sea Cave and golden sun light

Most people walk as far as the famous signpost or slightly further along so the rest of the walk is generally quiet. Lands end is also a popular place for star watching and seeing the milky way.

6. Chapel Porth – Logans Rock

(4 miles 1hr 40)

Chapel Porth ( not to be confused with Porth Chapel) is definitely much nicer and quieter than the more famous Porthcurno. Porthcurno attracts thousands of tourists every year and whilst it is beautiful, if you are not into big crowds, then this beach is a better option. It can be dangerous so take notice of currents and rips.

Coast with Sunset and blue sea

On a calm day a little dip is well worth the effort down the cliff. The path is down some cliffs that involve a scramble. By walking along the high cliffs towards the Minack Theatre and then over Porthcurno towards Logan’s Rock, you will be rewarded by more white sandy beaches. The famous nudist beach Pend Voundour, which we love in the quieter winter months, often has only one or two people on the beach. The climb is steep so please take note.

Logans Rock is a perfect place away from the crowds to watch the sunset, have a picnic and take in the views. We love this location on a stormy day too for watching the big waves crash below. It is also a great place for wild camping and there is this beautiful natural kitchen with a roof for having breakfast.

7. Bedruthan Steps to Park Head

(1.4 miles 30 mins)

Bedruthan Steps to Park Head is a beautiful coastal walk and the high cliffs and long white sandy beaches below, scattered with huge sea stacks are impressive. A recent landslide has closed the steps onto the beach but at low tide certain areas are still accessible down steep cliff paths. Park at Park Head as it seems to be much quieter with less people.

Bedruthan Steps Sunrise with coastal walks

Watching the sunset here is spectacular, as well as having a good cliff picnic. Patricks celebrated his 40th Birthday here with an outdoor picnic by ‘Dine With Iris’ overlooking the beach.

8. Kynance Cove to the Lizard

(2.1 miles – 45 min walk)

Most people tend to head down onto the beach or directly go to the most well known viewpoints. We always say, just go the opposite way to all the crowds and you can still find yourself some beautiful quiet locations. If you park in the little car park before the main car park or park and walk from the Lizard instead, you will be rewarded by dramatic views of the huge sea stacks.

Wild sea with cliffs in cornwall

There is another hidden beach along this stretch of coastline which involves quite a climb but you will most likely have the beach to yourself. We have spent many pleasant hours walking along here and having cliff picnics as well as cooking warm food from our much loved Trangia cooker (which is a must-have when cooking outdoors in the wind).This location is often filled with ponies.

Hopefully you will have many fun-filled hours exploring our beautiful, rugged coast and make some wonderful memories to take back home with you, when you leave.

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