Forest Wedding & Woodland Elopements UK

December 1, 2020

For those of you looking for something rustic and beautiful, a forest wedding or woodland elopement uk may be the perfect solution for you. If you would like something a bit more private, calm and relaxing for your special day, why not celebrate it somewhere as idyllic and magical as an enchanted forest in Cornwall. Woodland Elopement UK,

Woodland Elopement UK & Forest Wedding

Your ceremony can take place within a gorgeous, ancient woodland surrounded by nature and enchanting forest scenes.

Here you will find inspiration, information and advice on planning your own fabulous forest or wonderful, wild woodland wedding in Cornwall. We will touch upon things to be aware of and think about, what to expect and reasons on why to have an outdoor forest/woodland wedding.UK, Woodland Elopement UK, Woodland Elopement UK, Forest Wedding

A forest wedding or woodland elopement is perfect for outdoor, adventurous couples who would like to say their vows surrounded by peace, tranquillity and natural beauty.  Forest Wedding & Woodland Elopements UK

Islamic Wedding couple kissing in a forest wedding in Cornwall on their elopement

Embrace Mother Nature

Picture a peaceful and romantic glade for your ceremony with forestry to explore, adorned with fairy lights and lanterns, offering a magical yet rustic feel and you will have created something unique and so special for your wedding day experience.

This is a popular choice if you want to tailor your wedding day to suit you. Many outdoor venues, however, do not hold a civil license. This is nothing to be concerned about as it enables you to have a celebrant-led wedding, a handfasting ceremony or a personalised blessing to celebrate your relationship. And you have the freedom to enjoy it at any time or place, with wording and symbolic elements that you choose. Your legal paperwork (No-frills, simple signing) can be sorted at your local Registration Office anytime, before or after your wedding, for as little as approximately £50, depending on your local Council.

Wismtan Wood Elopement saying their vows under an ancient tree in Dartmoor

Easy Access

Think about Easy Access for all. A wedding in the woods can often ring alarm bells. For those whose idea of getting to a venue does not include hiking through a forest or driving for miles into an unknown wilderness this can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, forests and woodlands can be much more accessible than you think. It’s all about doing your research, knowing what you want and who you will have joining you. The forests we use are quite accessible for most ages and mobility levels.

Kennall Vale

is one location we have used. It has a wide path into the reserve and is mostly level. It has the old stone ruins of a gunpowder factory and a beautiful waterfall and stream flowing through it. It is an incredibly unique woodland and has many quiet spots suitable for you to hold your wedding ceremony.

Couple kissing in forest in Dartmoor surrounded by big trees - woodland uk

We have used a few other woodlands but we have a really secret special one we love. With a few LED candles hanging from twisted overhead branches and a few others placed on the moss covered rocks at your feet, this is the most magical and enchanted forest to declare your love in and is definitely worth it. You will be rewarded with amazing photographs and a unique ceremony space.

Planning your Outdoor Elopement UK

When planning your forest or woodland wedding, make sure you take into account other important things like licensing, season, time of day and your outfit, all of which we have covered in our other blog posts. Do you want to say your vows in sunshine, a golden sunset, or beneath a bright moon and shining stars? Capturing all the right moments is easy when you can choose your perfect moment to exchange your Vows. The flexibility of an outdoor Celebrant-led wedding gives you the ability to say what time your ceremony starts!  Here are some amazing reasons to encourage you to embrace your wild side and experience the freedom of a wild woodland/forest wedding ceremony in Cornwall .

Couple looking into each others eyes and holding hands whilst saying their vows under the ancient trees in Wistman's Wood Devon

The Backdrop

It’s hard to resist the beauty of an outdoor wedding in cornwall. You will have birds, lush foliage, breathtaking landscapes and fresh Cornish air. The natural beauty will add magic to your wedding album. Thanks to the combination of natural light and the beautiful landscape scenery, your wedding photos will look gorgeous and your photographer will not have to use flash, HDR or artificial lighting to get great looking photos.

More Space

With a church or indoor weddings, it is not always easy to make space for unexpected guests. With an outdoor wedding, extra space is not usually an issue. An outdoor wedding can accommodate all your guests since it is not restricted by walls, floor plans and other obstacles. With social distancing rules at the moment, your guests will be able to remain safe.

Couple kissing passionately in a large forest during their secret runaway wedding in Cornwall


Not much extra decoration is needed to get an outdoor wedding prepared. The natural beauty already adds something special to your ceremony space. Nothing can really compare to the beauty of blooming spring flowers, majestic trees and foliage and the blue sky above. A few well placed candles and lanterns, blankets and rustic seating will be more than enough to transform your space into a magical setting in which to say your vows.

Less Costly

By choosing an outdoor forest or woodland wedding in cornwall, you will save on venue, catering, entertainment and decorating costs. You would still be able to include some luxury elements because your overall spending will be so much less and you will be able to choose where your priorities lie and how you want to allocate your budget.

Family – Friendly

Keeping your younger guests preoccupied and engaged at an outdoor wedding is so much easier. There’s a lot more space for kids to play and be entertained.

Amazing Location

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, you can choose a location that has a special meaning to both of you. It can be a spot where you first met… the possibilities are endless. With all of these reasons to have an outdoor wedding, why would you want to have your wedding any other way. 

Make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain, snow, wind, hail or extreme heat, or just embrace the elements and have one memorable outdoor ceremony! 

Having your wedding in a place as enchanting as these forests and woodlands will create a magnificent wedding that you will cherish for years to come. Forest Wedding, Forest Wedding, Forest Wedding 

Bride and groom take a quiet moment together under the ancient trees in Wistman Wood during their ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony in the woodland in Dartmoor with candles lighting the couple under the tree

To find out more about our enchanted forest and woodland elopement uk, please get in touch.

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