Molly & Connor - Elopement Wedding at Holywell Bay Beach Cornwall

Molly & Connor eloped recently to Holywell for their intimate Holywell Bay Beach Elopement Wedding. They wanted a simple, sweet, romantic sea cave ceremony, at Holywell Bay at sunset. Somewhere they could declare and celebrate their love for each other without any crowds and onlookers. And we found the perfect secluded location.

How did you both meet? what you like doing together?

Connor and I met while walking our dogs. Byron wanted to play with his dog Marley and once they’d said hello neither wanted to walk away so we ended up walking on for about 30 minutes. I got home and told my mum I’d marry the boy across the road. we not so accidentally both then bumped into each other around the same time the next day and he asked for my number and if we could go for milkshakes & that was that. We spend as much time as possible outdoors or learning new recipes together as neither of us could cook growing up.

What inspired you to choose Cornwall for your Special Day? How long did it take you to plan?

We both were already quite set on a beach wedding though had been considering going abroad. Bumping into the Cornwall Elopements website led us down the path of a UK beach wedding - and we couldn’t be more glad! In terms of planning we decided to get married a year earlier than our initial plans and started planning around February (We eloped in June). If I’m honest the hardest parts were orchestrating a dress that quickly and choosing what else to do with our time in Cornwall. Most of the actual ceremony planning was done by Jacki, Jo and Patrick. We did write our own vows though we started this about a week before!

about your Suppliers for your Holywell Bay Beach Elopement Wedding?

I chose an A line dress which I knew would be a little more mobile and breathable than a more fitted style as well as giving a really romantic beachy feel. I did my own hair and makeup for the ceremony so that connor and I could make full use of the day rather than sitting in a salon. I wore my nanas pearls which both she and my mum had worn on their wedding days. Oh and heels which lasted all of 10 mins!

Connor wore a lovely sand coloured suit which didn’t discolour one the salt water and sand. He wore his dads St Christopher aswell.

I forgot the flowers so we bought some wildflowers last minute at a flower farm in penzance.

What was your favourite memory and What advice can you give to other couples?

Our favourite memories of the day are so hard to pin down. We had lots of laughter over falling over and being swept away by the wind aswell as my engagement ring being stuck on! We loved that we had a few moments to ourselves after the ceremony where we could really settle and slow the time down a little - not to mention delicious snacks and mead. We also did shots after the ceremony of tequila which is a special drink for us and really felt like it tied everything in.Advice to other couples - If you’re looking for stress free wedding planning with flexibility and a super intimate and romantic ceremony then this is certainly for you- by eloping we were able to have lunch together as our ceremony was quite late we swapped for this instead of dinner and it really helped us feel closer to each other -Embrace all the little things - even the ones that go wrong - because they’re all little stories to tell and I certainly won’t forget flower hunting at 10am on the morning of my wedding in the pouring rain but it certainly does make for a fabulous tale.

Any feedback about your Ceremony and your experience using us?

Jacki our Celebrant made our ceremony special by including several personal touches. She reminded us about what we love about one another and also involved our families in their own messages about their love for us both. She included a short snippet from the song we were engaged to (with wonderful singing of this) and even managed to incorporate a Gold and Silver tequila shot which was special to us as we both have the word tequila tattoo’s and consider it “our drink”. It was also a very special touch in that she included a Gold and a Silver ribbon to represent us and to match our ribbon from the hand tying into the Tequila Ritual. We had such a special day which totally surpassed any of our expectations. Jo and Patrick are genuinely lovely people who let you settle in and get some wonderful pictures! We were especially impressed with our pictures as it ended up being a very windy day and Jo ended up almost waist deep in the water at some point! Couldn’t recommend this experience enough. Lots of love, Molly & Connor

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