Couple kiss at Sunset in a Shipwreck in Sennen Lands End Cornwall on their Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Cornwall – Molly & Chris UK Elopement

Molly and Chris adventured all the way across the pond from the USA to Cornwall and joined us on one fun Honeymoon session on the dramatic Cornish coastline, from wild clifftops to braving climbing over the the remains of the RMS Mulheim as the waves crashed around us. It was a slippery clamber down but so worth it, and quite glad they did not need a tetanus jab afterwards! To read more about their special Honeymoon Session in their own words please read on.

We choose to do a honeymoon session because we wanted to capture the special time we had together on our honeymoon in a permanent and tangible way. Honeymoon Uk, Honeymoon UK, Honeymoon Cornwall 

Honeymoon Couple kiss on a beach in Cornwallhoneymoon cornwall sennen shipwreck landsend

We choose Cornwall for our Honeymoon UK

for its natural beauty and romantic landscapes. Being from the United States we wanted to go to a place for our honeymoon that wasn’t a typical “Honeymoon” destination. Cornwall ended up being the perfect destination for a unique honeymoon experience. The locals were kind and friendly and seaside air was sweet and refreshing. It was nice to visit a place that was so welcoming to outsiders while still maintaining its own culture and traditions. Every part of the beautiful coastline of Cornwall is filled with history and stories, and it truly felt like we had visited a place where fairy tales were made.Honeymoon Session in the UK Honeymoon Session in the UK

Planning our Honeymoon Session 

My husband and I are pretty simple travellers, we enjoy the unexpected while traveling so don’t tend to put too much time into planning our trips. This made Cornwall & UK a great destination for us because everything its close together and reachable by bus or a quick car ride. The one thing we did want to plan for was the honeymoon session. Jo made the planning for the session incredibly easy! My husband and I had traveled to Cornwall by train so didn’t have a car to get around in. Jo provided us with transportation to and from the session. Also since we were unfamiliar with the area Jo picked out the most beautiful location for our session. Our session felt more like an adventure with friends than anything else! Cornwall Elopements with outdoor Elopementoutdoor adventure elopement

For the session I chose to wear my wedding dress,

which I got from BHLDN. My husband wore dress shoes, wool slacks and a white short sleeve dress shirt. I also did not style my hair for the session and wore my natural curls, which was perfect for being tossed about in the gusty ocean wind. I wanted to wear my wedding dress because I felt like the dress deserved to be worn more than once! I had so much fun wearing my wedding dress for my honeymoon session and I feel like it was perfect for capturing the romantic look I was wanting to achieve with our adventure session.Elopement Cornwall Couple kiss on a Beach

Our  recommendation for other couples 

is to chose to stay in a location that is centrally located. While there are so many quaint places to stay around Cornwall, some of them can be pretty far from restaurants and popular sites. We chose to stay in Marazion for this reason. Marazion was quiet and serene but had easy access to the transportation in Penzance. Our BnB was also an easy walk to St. Michael’s Mount and offered the small seaside charm we were looking for. My second but most important recommendation, is to plan on doing a honeymoon photography shoot and plan for it in your wedding budget. I believe that a honeymoon deserves to be remembered just as much as a wedding day. It is your first time out in the world as a married couple and you are making new memories together that you will want to last a life time. Cornwall Elopements, Cornwall ElopementsCouple kiss at Sunset in a Shipwreck in Sennen Lands End Cornwall on their Honeymoon

We chose Enchanted Brides Photography– Elopement Photographer UK

Primarily for her style of work as well as her shinning personality. Jo is a true artist with an incredible eye for beauty. When I reached out to Jo for my vision of having a honeymoon photo session she she new exactly what we were looking for. I am so glad I went with Enchanted Brides Photography, the pictures turned out better than I had dreamed them to be, and will forever be treasured.Honeymoon cornwall

My favourite memory

from our session was hiking down to the shipwreck near Lands End. When Jo pointed out the shipwreck to us I could not believe my eyes. The wreck had such an eerie and mysterious appeal I could not wait to see it up close.The shipwreck was located in a cove between two high cliffs and looking down at it I wondered how we would make it down there. Jo and Patrick has gone out a day or two before and had scouted a way down the cliffs and made great climbing guides as we climbed down the cliffs. Jo and Patrick are not only excellent elopement photographers, they are also incredible adventure guides!Couple kiss on the Beach with Big RocksCORNWALL HONEYMOON

Tips & Advice for other Couples – Cornwall Elopement

Overall, if you are considering a honeymoon session and are on the fence about including your wedding dress, I 100% recommend it. It is likely won’t get another excuse to wear your beautiful dress again, and is worth the extra space it will take up in your suitcase. For those that might be concerned about ruining your dress, this is something I considered as well. The pictures are worth the little bit of dirt and sticks that might get caught up in your dress, but that is something that can easily be fixed by a professional cleaner.

Wild Elopement Couple on Cliffs in the Ukminimoon cornwall UKWe offer Honeymoon sessions for other couples that may want to make the most of the dramatic Cornish coast while on their honeymoon in Cornwall. Our photography packages are £399 for a sunset session with the option to add a short highlight film for £199. To book your honeymoon session with us please get in touch. 

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