How to get the Best Elopement Pictures in Cornwall?

November 6, 2020

In this Blog Post you can find our Top 10 Tips to get the best elopement pictures on your cornwall elopement day. It makes sense that you want to have the best Wedding Photographs. Ones that you not only look amazing in but also so that you can remember everything about your special day.  Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera at the best of times and because it’s your wedding day, you may feel extra pressure to perform and look great in every photograph. We have prepared our list of top 10 tips to help you relax and enjoy your moment in “the spotlight”.  By following these suggestions, you will be able to work with your Elopement Photographer in Cornwall to create magic together and have many powerful images you can cherish forever. Cornwall Elopement, Cornwall Elopement,  Elopement pictures

1. How important is the light for your elopement pictures? 

Plan your cornwall elopement around the best time of day if you would like the best quality images. (Also your photographer will love you more.) Cornwall Elopement, Cornwall Elopement 

Midday sun is harsh and unflattering for both you and the landscape. All the best images you see are generally shot at sunrise or sunset or on a very cloudy day. If it is sunny then the best time of day is the 1-1.5 hours prior to sunset. This is the best time for softer dreamy romantic couple portraits out on the cliffs and the beach in the golden light. Usually, it is also much quieter with less people around. Blue hour is also beautiful and soft for creating enchanting images. However if it is overcast on your elopement with little to no sun then that makes for wonderful naturally diffused images. This creates flattering skin tones and perfectly exposed backdrops. You could do your couple portraits directly after your afternoon ceremony or before your sunset ceremony if you are having a First Look. 

A bride and groom stand on a big rock at sunset as the wind gently blows the brides hair and she touches his face as they go in for a soft kiss

2. Be Flexible on your Wedding Day

Being flexible on your wedding day is a huge factor for couples that come away with the best images. You may need to change your timeline/plans slightly to avoid the heavy rain or change the location to avoid strong winds. If there is a severe weather warning in place, some couples may decide to have their couple shoot the following day/days if the weather is due to improve. However we have also shot in many severe weather warnings when it is not possible for the couple to reschedule and we have had some brilliant fun dodging massive waves and 60 mile an hour winds with sideways rain.

couple kiss during their micro wedding as a huge wave crashes behind them at Sennen Cove

3. The Location for your Cornwall Elopement

If you plan to have your elopement in a specialised elopement venue then we recommend you check out the venue online or in person beforehand or ask your photographer. It is important to be able to have places that look good for the backdrop of the ceremony and for couple picture afterwards if the weather is bad. So many venues fall short in creating an intimate space for small weddings and elopements. Check out Boho Cornwall Elopements. If you choose to have a celebrant-led ceremony out on location, check out Jacki from Wild Blessing Ceremonies or ask your photographer for recommendations if you are not familiar with the area and the locations.

It is best to avoid the most popular ‘Instagram’ type locations that will generally be busy and full of people. Having a local photographer with insider-knowledge is valuable. They will be able to recommend less popular locations that have beautiful hidden coves and secret beaches. Read more about our Top 10 Outdoor Ceremony Locations in Cornwall’  here.

4. Embrace the Location and the Weather

Your wedding photographer will check the weather prior to your Intimate Elopement in Cornwall, as well as wind direction and tide times. This allows them to safely access certain beaches or find the most sheltered spot for your ceremony or couple shoot. However sometimes we just have to embrace the weather (if it is safe to do so). A small bit of rain, wind and sea fog can certainly add to the atmosphere and the drama, creating atmospheric imagery that people will be jealous of. The weather is unpredictable (not as unpredictable as Scotland weather) but it is good to be prepared for any weather and do so with a big smile on your face.

Some of our favourite elopements and memories with couples have been from shooting in very bad weather, and the couple didn’t even seem to notice- they were too busy looking at each other or trying not to slip over…

A elopement couple hold each other tightly as the rain hits their faces on their outdoor winter elopement in Cornwall

5. Dress for the location and the weather

Wearing practical footwear such as hiking boots and a practical dress that you can move about in is also highly advised. The cliff paths can often be wet and slippery in areas- you may need to clamber over rocks and around uneven ground to access the best locations that have the most amazing backdrops. It is advised that you bring a waterproof coat if rain is forecast or a shawl if it is chilly which can look great in couple pictures. Read our blog post ‘How to stay warm on your outdoor winter elopement’.

cornwall elopement couple kiss on a sandy beach

6. Go Wild

Traditional flowers are not always suited to a wild elopement on the cliffs. Tight traditional bouquets might not be in keeping with the natural backdrop. Opting for something more loose, something to match the season or going for a more eco friendly/ environmentally friendly approach is the way to go. Having some wild flowers to bring a pop of colour to your wedding pictures and match the occasion is more appropriate. If you want to read more about bouquets and local seasonal flowers, check out our top supplier and floral expert cuttinggardencompany and her blog post ‘ Seasonal Wedding Bouquets


A pagan wedding bride holds her wild bouquet with henna on her hands

7. Go Natural

You do not need to have a ton of makeup or your hair in tight undo’s for your best Elopement pictures- if you don’t usually wear much makeup don’t feel you need to wear more on your wedding day. The best elopement pictures are of couples that feel like themselves, just a little more fancy. Read more about our Top Supplier Ione and her advice for brides on their elopement.

8. Be Vulnerable, Be Awkward, Be Yourself

If you want natural images that represent your elopement authentically then you want to be yourself. To be yourself, you will need to be able to relax and feel comfortable in front of your photographer(s) and the camera. Having a good photographer will help this process but it is also helpful if the couple try and forget about how they ‘think’ they look or ‘how awkward’ they may feel and trust the photographer who will know how to capture you in the best possible way. Everyone has bits about themselves they hate but it is best to try not focus on that and just try and remember how happy you are.

** You can always mention to the photographer beforehand that maybe you feel self conscious about a certain part and a good photographer will do their best to hide certain parts if possible if they are aware of this.

Try not to get too hung up on this and just focus on your partner and how awesome you both look. When you are both 98 looking back on how happy you looked,you will have forgotten these fears.Tidal Pool Wedding with wet wedding couple in the sea


9. Go the Extra Mile

A video highlight reel is a wonderful addition to capturing the atmosphere of your Intimate Elopement. More and more photographers are shooting fusion photography now which is a mixture of photography and film. Short 2-3 minute videos capturing the essence of the day can be wonderful to share with family and friends not in attendance. Also the use of a drone tocapture both photography and videography is a great piece of equipment to help you capture the incredible location and landscape of your wedding and will reveal it to you from a completely different and dramatic perspective for your best elopement pictures.

Wedding Couple kiss in middle of rocks on a beach in Cornwall

10. Trust your Photographer

This is probably the most important one. If you have read our guide on ‘12 Tips to Finding the Perfect Elopement Photographer ’ then you will have a good understanding on how to secure the photographer of your dreams. Your Elopement Photographer will have valuable experience, knowledge and wisdom of what looks best on camera and the best locations for you to capturethe feel you wanted for your wedding day. Let them do what they do best and trust them to get the best images for you on your day.

A bride and groom kiss and hug inside the broken hull of the shipwreck at Sennen Cove on their elopement

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