Sam & Neil- elopement Weddings at Lands End in Cornwall

On a beautiful, warm evening in June, our lovely Canadian couple and us, hiked across a wild cliff top towards Lands End to hold a really exhilarating elopement weddings. Our couple love wildness and serenity. A winning combination, in our minds! We worked with them, getting to know them over a few months before they arrived here in Cornwall. Jacki from Wild Blessing Ceremonies was able to include quotes from a favourite childhood book as part of the inspiration for their ceremony. We had the perfect weather to take their stunning sunset photos afterwards as this location provided many spots to capture the incredible backdrop to their elopement day. Their celebrations lasted until dark and we all walked back exhilarated and happy after a really special day with them. We asked them a few questions about their day when they were back in Canada, which I hope will help other couples who are thinking about having a wild outdoor elopement in the rugged landscape of Cornwall. This is what they had to say! We did not use a venue. Our view was Lands End and it was perfect!! The theme was Cornwall Elopement Weddings, just the two of us (with Jacki, Jo, and Patrick) and it was PERFECT! We found Jo and Patrick by searching Cornwall Elopement. We saw their work and WOW we knew they would be perfect. We chose Jacki to be our Wild Wedding Celebrant as she came highly recommended by Jo and Patrick from Cornwall Elopements. After the ceremony, we totally understood why!!! Such thought and care went into creating our special ceremony for us. Everything was perfect!! We aren’t very traditional in regards to wedding ceremonies, we were happy with our ring and our own vows, but Jacki took it one step further. She created a whole drink making ceremony for us as she knew we loved an Aperol Spritz. So our first task as a married couple was mixing all the ingredients together, making one on the cliff edge!! It was a fun and really creative way to tie it into the ceremony. The whole evening was perfect, from the ceremony to the photos!! We didn’t need anything other than my Wedding dress, a suit and of course our rings!Our day was just perfect! If you are inspired and excited to have your own wild outdoor wedding ceremony, please don't hesitate to contact us. Take a walk with us - on the ‘wild side’. We have so many ‘secret locations’ that may be perfect for you.

Elopement in Cornwall with Wedding Couple at their Handfasting
Outdoor Elopement Ceremony in Cornwall

Why did you choose your Ceremony outdoors ?

We are from Canada and have been living in England for a couple years. We got engaged in England and we were supposed to get married in Canada, but after having to cancel and replan and change our wedding back home, we decided enough was enough and decided to get married on our trip to Cornwall. We had planned the trip already during lockdown, and since it was our vacation outside of London in England and had seen so many beautiful photos we thought it was perfect.

Tell us a little bit about what you chose to wear & How much time did you take to plan your elopement

Cornwall Elopement Couple kiss after their elopement Ceremony

Very small amount of time! It was after our original wedding date, and we decided just over a month before our planned trip to Cornwall that we wanted to elope. Because Sam's actual wedding dress in Canada with no way to get it to her (it was locked down in a shop!) She had to act quickly. Sam found a dress on ASOS that was actually beautiful with a lower back and sequins similar to her other dress. I got it tailored and it was perfect! Neil decided ultimately to wear his grey suit rather than the blue and it was perfect for the scenery.

Outdoor Elopement Ceremony in England Cornwall

Did you use a MUA for your hair and makeup?

Sam had been embracing her naturally curly hair over lockdown, so she decided to wear it natural and down. It definitely got really wild with the sea air and humidity but it worked with the scenery.

Lands End Elopement with arch of lands end

Do you have Tips & Advice for other couples eloping?

We think if there was anything we could have chosen differently would have been that we wouldn't have told anyone we were engaged in the first place. It would have taken the pressure off of a few things (But of course when we got engaged, covid wasn't really a thing when we first planned our wedding.) It definitely is very romantic and special and exciting when only the two of you know that you are getting married. And when you have beautiful photos to share with your family from the experience it definitely softens the blow a bit lol

Sunset Wedding in Cornwall
kissing Wedding Couple at Sunset

Why do you chose Cornwall Elopements & what is your favourite memory from the day?

Well originally we searched "cornwall elopements" and of course you popped right up on google, but the decision was easy after we saw the photos from previous elopements. And Jo and Patrick were so lovely to communicate and work with during the planning process, despite it being such a short amount of time!! We think our part of the favourite day (aside from the ceremony of course) was when the sun set and it was a BEAUTIFUL red sunset...and of course how excited we could Patrick was because he kept yelling to get the wide lens quickly!!

Lands End Cornwall Couple walk hand in Hand after elopement wedding ceremony

Do You have Anything else at all to help inspire other couples to elope? Lands End Cornwall

Just follow your hearts and don't worry about what other people say because it's already supposed to be your day anyway. If you're someone who's not a fan of being the center of attention then this will definitely take the pressure off and let you focus on enjoying the romance of getting married rather than worrying about other people having a good time.


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Lands End Cornwall Elopements

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Lands End weddings – our best decision

We definitely come back to Lands End . It was such a magical day .

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