Milky Way & Full Moon Ceremonies in Cornwall

December 2, 2020

Here at Cornwall Elopement, as you may have guessed, we live for our outdoor wedding and Intimate Elopement Ceremonies, but to be honest, there is something we love even more! Full Moon Ceremonies in Cornwall

Getting you wed beneath a canopy of twinkling stars.

We love photographing the stars and moon in Cornwall on a clear night. So much so, we had our logo designed by Wonder ( A couple embracing under the stars and moon represents our ethos of Wild Romance, outdoors, adventurous and unique. We encourage our couples to break away from outdated traditions and create your own alternative, meaningful ceremonies. Saying your vows on a beach during the full moon or celebrating your magical ceremony under a huge galaxy or stars is awe-inspiring yet humbling. These Celebrant-led Wedding ceremonies are perfect if you still want to embrace nature but don’t like the crowds that descend into Cornwall during the holiday seasons. By Eloping after dark, you will have something truly enchanting, magical and unique. A Wedding Ceremony or Pagan Handfasting that not many other couples will have had the chance to experience before.

If you want something different and are flexible during your stay in Cornwall then this option is definitely for you.

Cornish mine under the bright stars and milky way at Levant Mines

Full Moon Ceremonies & Elopements in Cornwall

Our Full Moon Wedding Ceremonies are great for couples who may follow a Nature-based Spiritual Path. Your bespoke wedding script will be crafted specifically for you, telling your love story in a beautiful way, using the symbology and powerful energies that are heightened around the Full Moon. Completion, balance and harmony are key elements which make this moon the perfect time for your wedding to be celebrated. Under the light of the Full Moon, feelings of love and romance are heightened and amplified. This is the best time to have your wedding as there is equal give and take between the sun and moon, the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang. The seeds of intention, you both planted at the beginning of your relationship, (New Moon) have grown during your time of courtship. They are now blossoming and bearing fruit as you move into the next stage of building your life together. 

We have some amazing locations that are easily accessed and perfect for you to fully embrace your Wild Full Moon Wedding Ceremony. We are able to provide extra lighting for these ceremonies. Depending on the locations, fire torches (at the beach) and a bamboo teepee with lights for extra atmospheric shots under the stars can be used. You also have the option to make a fire to keep you warm on colder nights. Cornwall Elopement, Cornwall Elopement, Cornwall Elopement

wedding couple kiss under the full moon on the Cornish Coast by a full moon ceremonies

For a totally unique Wedding Ceremony

Experience that is “Out-of-this-world”

Elope to Cornwall – Milky Way Elopement

Are you planning on having your wedding ceremony between May and September? These months are ideal for seeing the Milky Way, which is visible for approximately 5 days per month. If you book Enchanted Brides Photography they will provide planning advice for you, telling you where the best locations are and the best months, days and times. These ceremonies are best suited to couples planning on staying a few days longer in Cornwall. This allows you, in case of bad weather or cloudy skies, to have your ceremony on the day with the best conditions. Luckily Cornwall has little light pollution and it is perfect for being able to see the stars. At certain times of the year, the Milky Way is strong enough to see with the visible eye, in the right location and with the right conditions. If for any reason the skies do not clear you have the option of a sundown session on top of the dramatic cliffs. 

Have your ‘First Look’ out on location before your ceremony if you are having a Sunset, Blue Hour or Intimate Elopement in the darker hours with the stars and moon. This allows your photographers time to capture you in the golden hour and capture the beauty of the landscape before doing your more intimate and atmospheric ceremony.

Milky Way over Logan Rock in Cornwall with a white sandy beach

 ** Please note**

Now you don’t have to believe in the pagan or symbolic meaning, you may just want to have some cool pictures and have a ceremony under the stars or moon, that is fine, we are happy to embrace all couples regardless of what they believe.

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