Outdoor Beach Elopement in Cornwall with kissing Couple on the Rocks

Outdoor Beach Elopement Wedding in Cornwall

Jo & Patrick where to start!! You brought our dream to life, you made us laugh until we nearly fell over, you did all you could to make our outdoor beach elopement wedding at holywell bay special and intimate. From the minute we met we new we had found two people who are a little crazy like us. Your elopement photos express, love, the true meaning of a partnership and peoples connection with the landscape around them. For us you went above and beyond getting up at 3.30am ready for our blue hour elopement. Doing everything to support us in feeling at ease with your energy and understanding. You were able to work around our family and include our daughter Bea. We have had the pleasure of getting to know you over the last year or so and been lucky to have swims and adventures, to us your weren’t just our photographers. We will never forget our elopement and how much you did for us. All the special touches, the fire, mead and scones too. Our cups that will now come on every adventure with us! I new your pictures would be amazing, I just still can’t believe it’s us when I look at them. The goosebumps moments will be never ending and after waiting for so long to get to marry Matt I couldn’t of had anyone else with us and feel so lucky and honoured we found you. I hope it’s not the end of our adventures and I will be your biggest cheerleader for your ever growing elopement business. You are both incredibly talented and deserve every success and I can’t recommend you enough.

Laughing wedding Couple in a Sea Cave in Cornwall on their recent Elopement
Dancing Wedding Couple in Newquay on the Beach on their recent Outdoor Beach Elopement Wedding

Why did you choose to elope outdoors in Cornwall?

Cornwall is our favourite place, we have made so many memories here both before we had Bea and after. The outdoors is a massive part of our lives, we are wild and love nothing more than being in the hills, mountains, walking the coast in Cornwall, wild swimming, sea swimming.

We want Bea to see the beauty in the world around her and appreciate how much there is to do and see outdoors!

Where did you get Inspiration for your outdoor beach elopement wedding in Cornwall?

Happy Wedding Couple on their Elopement Wedding o a Beach in Cornwall

I am completely inspired by the outdoors, the elements just being out in the fresh air adventuring. Matt, Bea and I are wild sprits and so if we were to be married we new it had to be something outdoors. Being in a place we loved was also important. I have become quite interested in Norse mythology, gods and I think as I become older I am becoming more spiritual. In my vows I used norse poetry and promises to Matt based around these. Breaking away from the norm of weddings. Trying to be more eco friendly and aware that weddings don’t need to cost the earth to be incredibly beautiful and meaningful and still leaving no trace! Jo & Patrick were also a big inspiration for the beach elopement wedding and they allowed a crazy idea to become real! Get married on a beach or in a cave was something I had never thought possible until I found Cornwall Elopements!!

Elopement Wedding Beach Ceremony at Sunrise in Cornwall

How did you meet?

We met 20 years ago through a car window in Bridgnorth! Matt saw me and shouted Yo Sexy!! I thought he was talking to my friend not me so ignored him and my friend answered him, to this he replied no not you, the fit one!! I then went over exchanged numbers and kissed him through the window! Completely out of character for me to kiss a stranger and I wasn’t even drunk! But here we are all these year on! I also proposed to Matt - in Cornwall.

Any feedback about Cornwall Elopements / suppliers etc:

Oh well, there is only the most positive things to say!! We wouldn’t of wanted to be with anyone else! We had 3.30am alarms and were at the beach for 5am and Jo, Patrick, Jacki and Mike did everything to make the wedding work and also worked with the tide. It was early and it was cold, but this did not stop them from making it perfect, Jacki stood in the sea throughout our ceremony and the words she wrote were incredible and we have those to keep forever. Mike made a fire and kept everyone in check, we had mead to warm us up after too, which was a perfect touch. Bea had lots of treats which was lovely and we came away with our Cornwall Elopement cups, which have already been on a number of adventure since! We also had our sand from the beach and Jo got us shells from their honey moon trip to the Outer Hebrides to pop in the jar! We have had the pleasure of getting to know Jo & Patrick over the last year or so and have been swimming and adventuring, to us they were more than our photographers and it all helped make us feel so relaxed and we were able to enjoy the photos so much more! Matt especially liked all the kissing!! Ha! The elopement was so much more than just the beach ceremony, Jo, Patrick and Jacki got to know us and understand what we wanted, everything was personal and built around who we are as people and what we love about each other and our lives. It wasn’t just words on a piece of paper it was us.

Handfasting Ceremony with a Couple on a Beach in Cornwall
Outdoor Elopement Wedding in Cornwall

We knew we wanted it to be outdoors,

relaxed, wild and by the sea! We wanted to be surrounded by the elements we love and if it was possible have the water and a caves involved. Sunrise or sunset was also for me important especially being a photographer myself and being aware of the light, plus Cornwall getting busier in the daytime too! Also share Jo & Patricks love of No Footprints!!

Our favourite Memories - Holywell Bay

Sea Cave Elopement on a Beach in Cornwall

I won’t forget leaving Crantock and the car alarm going off at 4.45am we probably woke up half the village! Walking in with the fire torch, I think I talked Jo’s ear off I was so nervous! Matt seeing me for the first time, he said he will never forget that too, looking around at me! I got quite emotional hearing what he had written about us as he’s not the most sentimental person! Warming our toes by the fire with mead! We won’t forget the time we shared having photos after and the laughs we had with Jo & Patrick, oh and the wild wee in my wedding dress! I loved everything!! Do what you want for you!! Elopements should be about you as a couple/family and expressing what you really feel and love about each other. (My only regret is not doing this fully and still worrying a little about others!) Make sure you check the tide times and also location at around the time your thinking about getting married, Cornwall changes a lot over the year! Our outdoor beach elopement wedding location was completely different in April from when we last visited in July!! Cornwall Elopements are everything that a wedding should be, REAL, full of fun and love, surrounded by the wonder and the elements of Cornwall. There is not anything that you could imagine your wedding to be and Jo & Patrick not bring it to life.

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Outdoor Beach Elopement Wedding in Holywell Bay Cornwall UK

Chosen outdoor beach elopement wedding Cornwall ceremony location: Holywell Bay, following the change of plan from Praa Sands & Prussia Cove earlier in the year.

A little about your ceremony/ handfasting at Holywell Bay: We had a hand fasting with cord made by myself and Bea from pieces of my dress, Beas tutu, ribbons from my Nan, we got charms to represent each of us and added those on.

Outfits (dress, rings, flowers, etc)
Dress – Shropshire Brides
Painted Denim Jackets – Nikki Whiston Inks
Sea Glass Wedding Ring – South Jewellery
The sea glass for my ring was picked by myself and Bea from different places in Cornwall and this was then sent to South Jewellery who brought my dream to life. The blue stone represents the ocean, green the mountains and yellow sunsets/ sunrise.
My something blue was also sea glass picked by myself and Bea turned into a bracelet and given by my friends at my hen do as a complete surprise, organised by them and Bec’s at South Jewellery.
Bouquet- Gifted by a friend Laura
My something borrowed – Bracelet given by friend Elica
Smiley Jumper – Mama Established.
Matt outfitted by Charlie Browns and Havianna flip flops for he Beach at Holywell Bay. I also brought him a pair of custom Ray Bans with his name, the wedding date and co-ordinates of Holywell Bay Beach engraved on them as a wedding gift.
I went bare foot, and someone pinched my flip flops when we went back for them too!

Outdoor Beach elopement wedding 

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