Ana & Eli - Why did you choose an outdoor elopement? Cornwall

We recently had the pleasure of capturing Eli and Ana’s outdoor Elopement in Cornwall. We were so happy when they sent us an email asking us to help plan and organise their Elopement Wedding Ceremony in nature. These small eco-friendly outdoor elopements are becoming more popular in the UK, and hopefully we will soon see the UK laws changing to allow them to be legal. We found Ana and Eli a quiet, uncrowded forest for their Handfasting Ceremony, then headed off to the coast for the ‘couple session’ to photograph them as the sun set, making the most of the dramatic landscape with them. Elope to Cornwall. Ana and Eli are both nurses and have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic. We thought this was such a magical way for them to experience a romantic elopement together after an incredibly hard year of work for them. They were both so much fun to spend the afternoon with and so natural in front of the camera. Even though they said they were awkward and camera shy, you can’t tell from their amazing photographs we took of them.

Anyway enough of our waffling, here is what Ana and Eli have to say about their special Cornwall Elopement in their own words.

We both love the outdoors and nature and to have an outdoor elopement in the middle of nature was our dream wedding. We wanted to feel connect with each other but also with our surroundings and ideally for it to happen in a forest…that was the perfection for us. So, to have an outdoor elopement like this was basically all we wanted! 

Outdoor Elopement with Wedding Couple on Cornwalls wild Cliffs

What inspired you to choose cornwall? UK

A couple of years ago we travelled to Cornwall on our bikes and we absolutely loved it! So when the opportunity came to have an outdoor elopement in a forest in Cornwall and a photoshoot on the beach we could not say no. It was definitely the perfect location for us. Cornwall is amazingly beautiful and the best of both worlds was available, a forest and a beach location.

Celtic Handfasting Ceremony in Cornwall
Wedding Celebrant Ceremony in a Woodland Uk with elopement couple

How much time did you take to plan your special day?

Our Cornwall elopement was a last minute booking as we always wanted to do it but we were not sure if we would be able to do it on our desire day, the Spring Equinox. When Jo and Patrick told us that they could make it happen, we had to go for it. We planned everything with their help in three weeks, which we are super grateful for them as it was super short notice.

Sea Cave Elopement with kissing wedding couple on a sandy beach

Tell us a little bit about what you chose to wear and why?

Eliana had a black long dress from Lulu’s and I had a white long dress from ASOS. The boots we already had. We did not keep it a surprise from each other as we thought it would be part of the process to decide about all the little details and get ready together. We really wanted to wear a black and white dress, specially in the Spring Equinox as we believed it represented the balance between our personalities. As accessories we had our engagement rings and a gemstone necklace. We also wanted to wear our Pride laces on our boots.

Kissing Couple in a Forest after their wedding in a woodland

Tips and advice for other couples

We feel that our elopement day was great so the only tip would be to try to relax and just enjoy your day. It is such a special moment and it will go by really fast. Jo and Patrick are amazing so don’t worry about anything and just go with the flow!

couple walk hand in hand on their outdoor wedding on a beach
Woodland with kissing outdoor wedding couple in the middle from enchanted trees

WHY YOU CHOSE Cornwall Elopements?

We did see a lot of elopement photographers & directories online, but when we came across Jo’s and Patrick’s website we found their relaxed and nature themed elopement photography style exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to be a relaxed day, in the middle of nature and where we could focus on each other, so we decided for an cornwall elopement, just the two of us in our chosen location. Jo and Patrick were amazing and made our day perfect. They helped us find the perfect celebrant and amazing places for us to celebrate our special day. Throughout the day they were very easygoing and made us feel comfortable. We feel that they did go the extra mile to make our outdoor elopement happen and for us to have an awesome day.

About our Outdoor elopements

These Outdoor Elopements are suitable for all ages and abilities and with our ‘secret and off-the-beaten-track’ wild locations, the possibilities of where and how to experience your own wedding are endless. We are so happy that couples are realising there are so many more wonderful and unique ways to commit to one another. Would you like to say your vows in nature, at sunrise or sunset, out in the wild? Wild Blessing Ceremonies offer adventurous couples, just like Ana and Eli, the chance to step ‘outside the box’ and have the ceremony of their dreams in the rugged and raw beauty of Cornwall. If you would like us to help plan and photograph your Wild Elopement in Cornwall or elsewhere in the UK or Europe please send us an email. To read more about how simple it is for couples to legalise their ‘marriage’ before or after their outdoor Elopement, Handfasting or small Wedding, please read this informative blog post we have written explaining the process.

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