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Outdoor Wedding Cornwall – Elopement – Outdoor Elopement UK

Inspiring couples to plan the elopement of their dreams.

Welcome to this section focusing on all things Cornwall Elopement Outdoor Wedding Cornwall”. We want to answer all your questions about Outdoor Wedding Cornwall & Outdoor Elopements UK so you will have a better understanding of what to consider when planning your amazing, small wedding Cornwall, outdoor weddings in Cornwall. With so many incredible wild locations in the South West of Cornwall to choose from, such as sea caves, old Cornish mines, dramatic cliffs, secret beaches, hidden coves and moss covered forests you will be spoilt for choice! Elope to Cornwall. Elope to Cornwall with us and enjoy your Outdoor Wedding Cornwall .Cornwall Elopement . Outdoor Elopements UK, Outdoor Elopements UK, Outdoor Elopements UK, Outdoor Elopements UK

If you like to break away from traditions then an outdoor ceremony might be the perfect option for you. As well as saving costs and leaving a low impact on the environment, these ceremonies are in keeping with nature and are the most eco-friendly option available for couples conscious about the planet and keeping costs down. Our Outdoor Cornwall Elopement Packages suits every budget.

As well as keeping the planet smiling, your pictures will be incredible. There is no better backdrop to say you’re vows than under a full moon or stars, or at the edge of the ocean or in a giant sea cave that has been carved out over millions of years by the tides. The possibilities are endless and we are so excited to be able to work with couples to make the elopement of their dreams a reality here in beautiful Cornwall, the place we call our home.

We work with all sorts of couples, both young and old, all you need is a love of nature, and an adventurous spirit. If you have any questions we haven’t tackled, please contact us as we are here to help! We are here to help you to plan your Cornwall Elopement.

What about the weather?

The Cornish weather can be unpredictable but it is also very mild in comparison to other parts of the UK and rains much less than in Scotland. Luckily when having an celebrant-led outdoor ceremony with flexible photographers based in Cornwall it is easy to be flexible. We work around the best times and days during your stay in Cornwall to get the best weather for your outdoor weddings Cornwall. However if you are feeling brave or rescheduling is not possible for you, we have bad weather options like having your ceremony in a sea cave or in an ancient underground chamber.

What is a celebrant-led ceremony?

It’s a totally awesome, personalised, unique, and bespoke wedding ceremony, created by a Celebrant for adventurous, free-spirited couples, so that you can celebrate your love story anywhere you want, how you want and with who you want. Freedom to focus on your LOVE, not on the legalities! How exciting is that! (To find out how to legalise your marriage, please check your local Council Website.) To find out more about experiencing your own Celebrant-led Outdoor Weddings Cornwall Ceremony with us, please get in touch!

Wedding in Cornwall by the sea – Elope to Cornwall – Outdoor Weddings Cornwall


Sea Cave & Beach Wedding Cornwall Ceremonies in Cornwall. Cornwall is certainly blessed with a beautiful coastline, ranging from rocky coves to long white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Cornwall is abundant with sea caves which are accessible at low tide and can be a perfect way to have an outdoor ceremony in more unpredictable weather. You can make it extra atmospheric with candles and shelter from the elements. As well as sea caves we can also recommend some less crowed beaches for your outdoor wedding and if you are feeling really adventurous we know lots of beaches where you can be alone if you are prepared to climb.

Pagan & Celtic Handfasting

Ancient Sites Ceremonies, Pagan, Outdoor Weddings in Cornwall. Cornwall’s landscape is scattered with ancient and Celtic sites, some of which predate the Egyptian pyramids. These fascinating remnants include stone circles, quoits, Bronze Age villages, and holy wells. Here in West Cornwall we have perhaps the highest concentration of ancient sites found in Western Europe, which have not changed much since the Bronze Age. Many of these sites will make the perfect backdrop for a small outdoor elopement, pagan ceremony or hand fasting.

Get married under the Stars 

Milky Way & Full Moon Outdoor Ceremonies

A couple embracing under the stars and moon represents our ethos of Wild Romance and outdoor adventures. By Eloping after dark, you will have something truly enchanting, magical and unique. A Wedding Ceremony or Pagan Handfasting that not many other couples will have had the chance to experience before.

Cliffs, Ruins and Cornish Mine – Wedding Ceremonies

If you are looking for dramatic cliffs scattered with the remains of old mines, castles and chapels then Cornwall has it all. We have walked most of the coastal path in Cornwall and know some hidden gems away from the crowds.

Forest Wedding

Woodland Elopement Uk & Forest Wedding 

For those of you looking for something rustic and beautiful, a forest or woodland elopement may be the perfect solution for you. If you would like something a bit more private, calm and relaxing for your special day, why not celebrate it somewhere as idyllic and magical as an enchanted forest in Cornwall. Here you will find inspiration, information and advice on planning your own fabulous forest or wonderful, wild woodland, outdoor wedding in Cornwall.

Meet the team for your Outdoor Wedding Cornwall

Wild Blessing Ceremonies – Outdoor Wedding Celebrant Cornwall

Jacki loves creating and conducting quirky, alternative, Intimate Elopements, Handfastings and Micro-Weddings in the beautiful Cornish landscape. And if you’re an adventurous, wild-spirited couple, she can hold your ceremony any time, any place, any how, even under a magical Full Moon or Milky Way on a clear night. That’s the beauty of having a Celebrant-led Wedding with a Wild Outdoor Wedding Celebrant Cornwall. Outdoor Wedding Cornwall.

Enchanted Brides – Wedding Photographer Cornwall Uk

The best wedding photographers in Cornwall. Jo and Patrick are extremely passionate about capturing outdoor weddings & elopements in Cornwall. Each elopement is unique, intimate and special. They both have many years experience as wedding and elopement photographers in Cornwall and travel all over the world capturing couples in love. As well as their passion for outdoor weddings in Cornwall they have a huge passion for the outdoors and spend every given moment outside exploring new places on their doorstep and hiking the South West Coastpath. They have a great knowledge of the local area and are able to provide much help with finding secret and hidden locations and capturing unique elopements and micro weddings in Cornwall.

What is the best month to elope to Cornwall?

Cornwall is beautiful in every season, however we recommend the best time for an elopement is the quieter months in the autumn and the winter. Luckily, the weather is mild all year round in Cornwall and the sea is still at it’s warmish until December. In the off season months you are blessed with quiet beaches and the light is much softer and moodier for more dramatic coastal couple pictures. The holidays in Cornwall are best avoided if you want to experience the real beauty of Cornwall without crowds. If you want to see some real elopements from Cornwall that have been shot in the autumn and winter then head over to our Photo & Video section.

Real Elopement Couples about their Outdoor Wedding Cornwall


Eloping was one of the best decisions we’ve made and our advice would be to keep it simple. You often forget what a wedding is about when you get caught up in all of the details, so have fun! If things go wrong it doesn’t matter, just enjoy the day as it goes so quickly. And secondly, photography is key as all of your friends and family will rely on this to get an understanding of the wedding and feel as if they are there – so Enchanted Brides Photography are the answer to that!

BERNICE & WADE – Elope to Cornwall

Do what makes you happy. Weddings are an intimate and special event between two people. You gain freedom when you don’t have to appease others. Choose two things that you regard highly and won’t capitulate on. For me, it was my photographer and my dress. Put your time and effort into those two things and everything else is added extras. Things just fall into place when your focus is more clear. Make sure that you have someone on the other side that you trust and feel comfortable with. Jo was a dream. Not once did I feel nervous and she recommended vendors that were outstanding. Lastly, stop and take in the moments. The day goes by so fast

Elopement Packages UK

Elopement Wedding Packages

45 min Celebrant & Ceremony

2 hours photography

Price 1100

Package 2

45 min Celebrant & Ceremony

3 hours photography

Highlight Film

Drinks, Firesticks

Price 1800

We can be your witnesses

If you are eloping, just the 2 of you, you may not have anyone to be your witnesses at the legal signing appointment. We are happy to help you by being your witnesses on your day so your wedding will be as stress-free, relaxed and as fun as possible. We will add a friendly, personal touch so you don’t have to sign in front of strangers.
We offer our services as your witnesses (for a small fee) at either the Helston Registry Office or the Penzance Office. Other Registry offices by request. For more information you can send an email here – ceremonies@registration.cornwall.gov.uk


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