Poldark Elopement in Cornwall

November 19, 2020

Wade & Bernice elope for their Poldark Elopement to Cornwall

We chose to elope because neither of us believe in the spectacle of weddings these days. We knew we wanted something very intimate and special, but weren’t planning anything yet. Then one weekend we were binge watching Poldark and I remarked about how amazing a clifftop wedding would be between just the two of us. We both looked at each other and then Wade said “well why not?”. Best decision we ever made. Poldark Elopement.

A bride laughs in the sea on her romantic polder elopement as the waves crash around her and she holds her big bouquet in her hands smiling

Poldark & Cornwall

I’d love to say something more romantic, but the reality is just one word: Poldark. I just wanted to be surrounded by majestic scenery, the beach and hair billowing in the wind aka Demelza. Haha. If I’d given Wade half a chance he would’ve probably arrived at the ceremony on horseback. Cornwall is the perfect combination of history and natural beauty that stirs my old soul.

Elopement Photographer

Google was my friend here. I came across Jo’s website and fell in love. I saw in her images everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I didn’t even email any other wedding photographers. I was willing to pay whatever she wanted and even move the date to when she was available. After our first email exchanges, I felt like I was chatting to an old friend. She made everything so easy and assisted me in even the silliest questions I had. She made planning a small wedding from a different continent a breeze. Jo became such a dear friend and she was just sent on our way as a blessing. Thanks Jo!

A brides hair is blowing in the wind as she gazes down at her flowers with the sea behind her and dramatic riocks

One of the big plus sides of an elopement is that there are no nitty gritties to worry about. I was so relaxed throughout the whole day. We had perfect weather (clear blue skies marked our ceremony). Our officiant was the sweetest and made our ceremony unforgettable. Splashing around barefoot in a wedding dress in the tide at Bedruthan steps is something I’d recommend to everyone! We were carefree and happy and had so much fun with Jo taking photos. Wade is not a fan of photoshoots, but even he enjoyed it. We were all just having fun, laughing and enjoying the day. No stress about gift favours or decor colour schemes. Just living in the moment.

a bride laughs during her clifftop elopement with a big smile on her face and wild flowers in her hair

Memories & favourite parts 

Don’t even think twice about it! Less is more. Do what makes you happy. Weddings are an intimate and special event between two people. You gain freedom when you don’t have to appease others. Choose two things that you regard highly and won’t capitulate on. For me, it was my photographer and my dress. Put your time and effort into those two things and everything else is added extras. Things just fall into place when your focus is more clear. Make sure that you have someone on the other side that you trust and feel comfortable with. Jo was a dream. Not once did I feel nervous and she recommended vendors that were outstanding. Lastly, stop and take in the moments. The day goes by so fast.

Things to do in Cornwall

I’m a history fanatic and as we were staying in Tintagel, the Castle was a must see for us. Bedruthan should absolutely be on your stops and the Bedruthan hotel serves amazing food (they also have a full vegan menu) with excellent service. Take a drive to the Bodmin Moors. Don’t miss the Jamaica Inn! Cornwall is all about nature, whether its woods or the coastal path, so hike often and explore far and wide. Take a drive to little coastal towns such as Port Isaac of Doc Martin fame or Boscastle. There’s also the old tin mines with their beautiful chimneys. Cornwall has just so much to offer and see, that you can never be bored.

Poldark couple laugh on a cliff in cornwall as the bride holds on to her flower crown as the wind blows her hair

Small Wedding Suppliers

Like I said, I stuck to two items on the list that was a priority. Everything else just fell into place. My florist used local and in-season flowers which kept the costs lower. Obviously having a very small guest list saved costs. The day before the wedding we went into the closest little town to find a wedding cake, we would even settle for a large-ish muffin, haha. At the bakery we were told that they do not do cakes, but the owner said that her friend makes a delicious Victorian Sponge cake if we cared to have that. She baked us a cake that afternoon that we just had to pick up. It was a beautiful act of kindness and the best cake we’ve ever had.

Both me and Wade agree that we would do everything over exactly the same way. It was the perfect decision and day for who we are as a couple.

In an age where we need to think more sustainable, I’m so happy to see elopements making a comeback. Cornwall and Jo is just a match made in heaven. Our elopement was romantic, fun and raw with emotion. We can never thank everyone enough who helped make our dream (and maybe a small obsession with Poldark) a reality.

bride and groom hug on the dramatic cliffs at Bedruthan steps as the groom kisses the brides ear and she laughs Poldark Elopement, Poldark Elopement, Poldark Elopement, Poldark Elopement, Poldark Elopement, Poldark Elopement, Poldark Elopement

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