Praaa Sands Beach wedding in Cornwall

Charlotte & tom - Eloped to Cornwall

We had the pleasure of conducting the beautiful outdoor Cliff Top & Praa Sands Beach Elopement Wedding Ceremony for Tom and Charlotte. They escaped to the rugged cliffs of Rinsey, West Cornwall, not far from Praa Sands, famous for its lovely long sandy beach, to experience their dream wedding day surrounded by the natural beauty of rocks, waves and a clear blue sky. Our stunning ceremony spot, chosen by Jo and Patrick from Cornwall Elopements, was incredible. We were perched high up on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the crashing waves far below us. The dramatic wedding photos capture the rugged beauty of their location perfectly.

Our simple, meaningful elopement ceremony consisted of the welcoming words, what they love about each other, wishes from family and friends and of course the best bit - the Hand-tying and vows. My beautiful couple placed their palms on each other’s hearts. I placed the cord around their arms and secured the ends under their thumbs. They shared their heartfelt vows with each other as I stepped back to give them privacy. When they had finished sharing the vows they stepped back - making sure we were well away from the edge of the cliff and they slipped their hands out through the loop which created a beautiful knot. We ask our couples to hold their cord high as we give them a hearty cheer and it makes a beautiful photo for them to remember this moment during the ceremony. We then move onto the ring exchange, signing the certificate and the grand finale - their presentation as a heart-joined couple. We always end with a celebratory drink for our beautiful couple before I leave and they head off for the photo shoot.

Our couple chose to go to the famous praa sands beach for their wedding photos and you can see in some of these pics how they turned out. For this couple, there were no large wedding venue costs, fancy cars, floral arrangements to choose or expensive items to buy. By opting for this type of wedding, they were able to fully enjoy and be present for their unique, romantic, stress-free wedding day where they could intentionally just focus on each other and what love means for them. Just the Two of them - intimate, meaningful and magical. I asked them a few questions about their day so I can create this mini-blog to help encourage other couples who may be considering having their own unique outdoor wedding with us.

About the Handfasting & Cliff Top Ceremony

Our Beach Wedding Photos in Praa Sands

and this it what they have to say!

What made you choose Wild Blessing Ceremonies as your Wedding celebrant?

Did you have a theme for your Elopement and why was this important to you?

We wanted someone nice and easy to work with. Our ceremony was great, Jacki did a really good job. We were very happy with the ceremony. By having our wedding outdoors, we didn’t need to use any other suppliers. This alone helped our couple keep to their budget and have the day of their dreams.

From researching companies on google, we found Jo and Patrick from Cornwall Elopements who were exactly what we were after. We just wanted our ceremony to be relaxed and easy. By choosing an praa sands beach elopement with us, we were privileged to help them achieve their desired outcome.

Please share your top tips and advice for other couples .

What was your favourite part of your Special Day?

Our advice would be - Forget everybody else's opinions and do what is right for you. And we couldn’t agree more!

For our fun-loving adventurous couple this is what they enjoyed - Climbing the rocks and being among nature was our favourite part of our day.

About our Outdoor Elopements & Rustic Bohemian Venue

If you would love to find out more about having your own magical wedding Elopement, outdoors in stunning locations around Cornwall with us, please get in touch. If you are a bohemian, eco friendly-loving, wild-spirited, adventurous couple, we can’t wait to get you wed with a wonderfully wild wedding of your dreams.

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Praa Sands Beach Elopement Wedding in Cornwall Uk

Charlotte & Tom eloped for their  Praa Sands Beach Elopement wedding in  Cornwall with Cornwall Elopements & wild Blessing Ceremonies. Their Praa sands Wedding ended up on Praa Sands Beach near the Water. They liked every minute of their Praa Sands Beach Elopement wedding here in Corwall

Praa Sands Beach Elopement

Praa Sands Beach Elopement Wedding

Praa Sands Beach Elopement Wedding Cornwall

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Wedding Praa Sands

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