Wild Blessing Ceremonies

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Wedding Celebrant Cornwall – Handfastings & Outdoor Ceremonies

Jacki has travelled all the way from the Wilderness of South Africa to the Wildness of the Cornish Coast (with a few detours along the way). She left her homeland just over 20 years ago to follow her heart’s yearning for distant adventures, dramatic shores, different cultures and cooler climates. She is in her element when creating and conducting quirky, alternative Intimate Elopements, Handfasting Ceremonies and Micro-weddings, outdoors, in the stunning and rugged beauty of the Cornish Landscape.

Wild Blessings Ceremonies

We have been on many funny adventures with Jacki, getting lost on the Moors during a Full Moon Ceremony, to climbing cliffs during gale force winds for a ceremony as huge waves crashed around. The beauty of having a Celebrant-led Wedding with her is that you can hold your outdoor wedding ceremony any time, any place, any how, even under a magical Full Moon Ceremony on a clear night or beneath the magnificent Milky way. But this is not all about her… She can’t wait to hear about you, your love story and your wedding dreams! And give you, her adventurous, wild-spirited couples, a ceremony that is all about you

What is a Outdoor Ceremonie Celebrant?

My Elopement, Handfastings and Micro-weddings are small intimate ceremonies where you and your partner are free to enjoy the outdoor wedding of your wildest dreams. I custom create your outdoor ceremony, just for you, to give you a real outdoor ceremony experience that is everything you have dreamed of and more. There will be no government rules, regulations or restrictions that we need to adhere to (otherthan covid ones) so you have total freedom to enjoy your outdoor wedding day and your ceremony as you want, when and where you want, without the social pressure, distractions or obligations from family politics or government regulations. Book me as your Wedding Celebrant Cornwall.

Where can couples have a outdoor ceremony?

Indoors,outdoors, at any location of your choice. Cornwall has such a varied landscape. There are cliff tops with breathtaking sunrises or sunsets, hidden beaches and coves off the beaten track, mysterious, atmospheric secret woodland clearings and many sacred sites waiting for you. I also have a selection of secret, mostly unknown wild wedding locations for my couples to choose from. Wedding Celebrant Cornwall

Why did you decide to become a Wedding Celebrant Cornwall?

Love stories . I love hearing how you both met so I can turn your story into a meaningful ceremony. I am passionate about helping alternative couples enjoy their dream wedding as your Wedding Celebrant in Cornwall.

I get excited by officiating Wild Wedding Ceremonies that are a true reflection of your unique personality and charm. I am open-minded and comfortable with couples who are like-minded, free-spirited and who come from many varied backgrounds, heritage, cultures, beliefs or orientation. There are not enough Wedding Celebrant in Cornwall representing alternative and diverse subcultures so I decided to support couples who resonate with my Heart

How do you create a personalised ceremony for couples?

As a Wedding Celebrant inCornwall I listen to your dreams and visions you have for your day. I weave WordMagic and Storytelling to transform your Precious Elopement, Handfasting and Micro-Wedding Dreams into Wedding Ceremony Gold!

I love using natural objects, stones, shells, feathers and candles to help you create a connection to the landscape. This helps make your outdoor ceremony more powerful especially if you follow a nature-based, pagan spiritual path. I not only write your ceremony, but I offer guidance in the build-up, provide a bespoke certificate, and supply a souvenir copy of your script.

As soon as I spoke to Jacki I knew that she was the wedding celebrant cornwall for us!

The outdoor ceremony was personal, intimate, magical and thoughtful in every way.

She immediately put me at ease and took the time to really find out all of our history/story/feelings so that she could create a personal and intimate ceremony for us. Jacki also included our friends and family in the ceremony with her words and that just was absolutely so perfect and special. The handfasting cords and charms that were chosen were again so perfect and suited us, the fact that Jacki took so much time and thought to choose these made it feel extra special! Jacki had to go out of her comfort zone to climb down the cliffs and perform the ceremony – for this we will be forever grateful and thankful we chose someone who made sure our day was absolutely perfect for us!!

Emma & Dennis

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Thank you for read our  Page. Jacki is our Top supplier a a Wedding Celebrant Cornwall. She is perfect in Handfasting Ceremonies.


Why aim your Wedding Celebrant in Cornwall? I love to be a Wedding Celebrant Cornwall. Wedding Celebrant Cornwall.



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