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Robyn & Anthony - Wedding For Two

Robyn and Anthony in St Ives, what can we say about these two! We certainly have been raving about them and are in love with them and their elopement pictures. We had the beach all to ourselves with the most perfect and magical light at sunset. The moody low clouds and golden glow created the best light we have been blessed with in ages and Robyn and Anthony ended up in the sea at the end. We knew Robyn was super nervous about having her picture taken and honestly they were just so warm and so much fun to photograph and we are so glad the nerves subsided within a few minutes and they got the most wonderful pictures from their little elopement in Cornwall. WEDDING FOR TWO UK

Cornwall Elopements - couple have fun in the sea with wet clothes

Sunset Wedding picture with kissing wedding Elopement Couple

Elope To Cornwall

We can not shout louder than we already do that ‘ we love working with camera shy couples’ and prefer people that do not like having their image taken as there is so much more energy and intimacy between couples as they cuddle even closer and don’t do any freaky poses which camera confidant people tend to want to do haha.

Which is another reason our elopement couples tend to go down the ‘elopement’ route as they generally don’t like fuss or crowds and formalities associated with larger weddings. To read more about their little wild Cornish adventure with us in their own words please read on….

Elopements WEDDINGs FOR TWO near St ives?UK

Just the two wedding Cornwall romantic

We always knew we wanted to separate the legal and celebration parts of our weddings for two, to give us more choice and we were also determined to involve St Ives Cornwall in some way, so this felt like a perfect solution. Rather than drag our families all the way to Cornwall (and have them crash our much loved – much overdue – week there) we decided it would just be us and our two best friends. We chose to let our close family know so it wouldn’t be a shock and they fully supported us doing it our way. One benefit of the recent Covid changes has been that people seem much more supportive of ‘alternative’ weddings for two plans. We had a short, intimate no frills registry office ceremony followed by a relaxed and delicious lunch then had a photo shoot on the beach at sunset with Cornwall Elopements. It was perfect and turned out to be so much more special than ‘just the legal bit’.

Sunset Session in Cornwall


Though not lucky enough to live in St Ives Cornwall (yet!) we knew we wanted to involve it somehow in our wedding for two. We travelled there as a new couple, thirteen years ago, and spent many nights camping in the freezing rain but fell in love with the landscape, the food and the people. Ten years later we got engaged while on holiday in Falmouth and it cemented the place of Cornwall in our hearts. We knew asking our guests to travel to Cornwall might be a big ask so we decided to elope, have the Cornish wedding we wanted, then celebrate with friends and family later in the year. The stunning landscape of the cliffs, the sea, the massive sky and pretty coastal villages played a big part in our day; it’s so beautiful and feels so unlike anywhere else that all you have to do is turn up and it feels like an occasion! Wedding for two UK

Sea cave wedding in cornwall with happy couple


As someone who loves pouring over books and websites researching (I’m also partial to a spreadsheet) I spent a long time looking at options. However, once we decided on what we wanted the process of arranging our day was simple and everyone we spoke to was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Jo in particular was always quick to reply to emails and never seemed to mind my annoying questions; answering any worry I had about being photographed and putting my mind at ease. Even when we had to postpone by a year because of the you-know-what the process was really easy and sorted for us with kindness and empathy despite it being an impossibly hard time for everyone in the wedding industry.

Wedding for two couple elope on a beach in cornwall


Never ones to shy away from a costume change we wore something fairly relaxed for our ceremony then for our photos we chose outfits that would both be special and that we wouldn’t mind getting wet if we ended up in the sea (we’d seen enough of Jo & Patrick’s photos to know it was bound to happen!). I wore a long, bronze sequin dress from eBay that I knew would still be comfortable enough for climbing on the rocks and when caught in the light of sunset I felt like a mermaid!


Kissing Wedding Couple inCornwall at Sunset

Don’t be afraid of what friends and family might think; even if they are a little taken aback at first, they’ll get used to the idea. What matters is doing what is right for you as a couple, celebrating your love and enjoying your day your way. Our strongest advice would be simply to trust Jo and Patrick! I was very nervous about the photos, having never done anything like that before and having a few issues with self-confidence, I thought the actual shoot would be a means to an end rather than anything to be enjoyed in its own right. I was wrong. As soon as we met Jo and Patrick we were made to feel at ease. We asked them to pick the location since they have all the knowledge of the local area and they took us to a wonderful, completely empty beach surrounded by multicoloured rock faces and magical little coves. There was no embarrassing ‘posing’ or any pressure to do anything / go anywhere we didn’t feel comfortable, but we were determined to make the most of it. One minute we were simply standing facing each other; a little hug, a little kiss, the next we were twirling around and splashing in the sea without a shred of inhibition! … also, bring a towel and dry clothes.

Micro Wedding in Cornwall with happy couple in within


I can’t even remember the first time I saw Enchanted Brides & Cornwall Elopements on Instagram; it feels like I have always known if we had our dream St Ives Cornwall Elopement, they would be top of the list. Jo and Patrick’s photographs are simply stunning; the way they incorporate the rugged scenery, the wild sea and the Cornish sky into their couples and elopement shoots was the main appeal – why go all the way to Cornwall if you’re not going to make it star of the show, or at least co-star! The weather in the UK is famously unpredictable but having seen pictures of couples under moody skies, with hair being whipped around by the wind or looking deep into one another’s eyes in driving rain, I knew that whatever we were dealt we’d be in safe hands. What I didn’t realise was how much fun they both are and how relaxed they made the whole evening, their excitement and passion for getting the most out of us and the surroundings was infectious and has left us with wonderful memories as well as photographs.

Bride falling in the sea and have fun on their wedding day


So many! From the adorable registrars in Penzance who were trying to make our short ceremony as special as possible (even though we were fine with the basics) to spending a glorious couple of hours on a deserted beach together enjoying the most beautiful sunset either of us had ever seen. Also, falling in the sea!


Reflection from a wedding couple in the sea

So much of a wedding is done for other people, which is fine and it’s great to see your friends and family enjoying celebrating with you, but it’s not for everyone for many reasons. We are still going to have a little gathering of people we love but the fact that we have these memories from our elopement means so much. We were able to get married exactly how we wanted, with the people we knew would keep things as relaxed and fun as possible and when we look back at our photos we see just us and our connection, in a place we love. If you’re even vaguely considering eloping go for it (or at least enquire); for us it was not a smaller, lesser experience, it was in many ways more emotional because it was so meaningful and special to us. We wouldn’t change a thing, even the falling in the sea… the McDonald’s on the way home while cold, wet and sandy were the best nuggets of my life!

Outdoor Elopement under a Tree in Cornwall

Beach Wedding at Holywell Bay

Let’s Elope

to Cornwall

Check out our outdoor wedding page and small wedding venue near Kynance Cove.

Wedding Couple has big fun in the sea with waves on their Wedding day

Wedding Couple kiss on their Elopement in Cornwall

No Frills Weddings in Cornwall

We are also so happy to see registry office weddings coming back in fashion too. You can do a legal ‘no frills’ signing without a ceremony for around £50 at the local registry office, without rings, vows etc and do that later with us and have a celebrant-led ceremony or just have cool wedding pictures on a beach. If you would like to find out more about our elopement packages and prices please send us a message. Dates are now limited for the remainder and are filling up fast for 2022 & 2023.

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