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Eco Friendly Wedding Venue Cornwall

Eco Friendly Elopement Weddings for two in Cornwall

Minimalism & Eco friendly Weddings in Cornwall are not about getting rid of things, instead it is about shifting our focus to what really matters, not only in your life, but in your wedding too. By eliminating all the unimportant things and by being intentional about what you choose to be part of your small wedding in Cornwall you will only include the most meaningful. For most couples it is all about celebrating just with the people who matter, surrounded by what brings you the most joy. By choosing to have a eco friendly wedding you will be avoiding the stress associated with planning a big wedding and having a eco wedding is usually a huge budget saver too. Minimalist weddings can also have a big impact, not only for you, but for our planet too if you plan it right.

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Minimalist Tidal Pool Elopement with couple kissing on their cornwall Elopement

Saving the Planet, one step, one carbon footprint at a time!

If you’re choosing an elopement wedding for two or are having only a handful of guests, that means that you won’t have one hundred or more people needing to travel to and from your wedding by car or by air, which causes huge amounts of carbon emissions. And, if you’re choosing to elope or have your small wedding closer to home, that means you’re reducing your carbon footprint even more! If you do decide to travel, consider traveling by train, bus or car over an airplane, as flying produces more CO2 than one person produces in an entire year.

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Eco Friendly Wedding Trends

Did you know there are at least 4 types of minimalist wedding trends. Organic minimalism, - One of the most popular trends at the moment which includes a lot of white with accents of lush greenery. Industrial minimalism, - urban meets rustic. Metals and woods are juxtaposed to create interest - smooth and rough textures - shiny and raw surfaces Modern minimalism, - plays up shapes and geometry and has elements of the above trends in backdrops and decor. Romantic minimalism, - soft floaty fabrics and linens with elegant calligraphy on invitations, signage and tablescapes including menus and place settings. A neutral palette is used to create a soft and ethereal ambience.

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Sea Cave Elopement at Sunrise in Cornwall

Wedding Venue with a Sea View

Have your ceremony and your reception in the same place!

Have your ceremony and your reception in the same place! Choose your outdoor venue that suits your small wedding. That way, you avoid the worry and stress of having to move guests from one place to another. To tie the knot, you just need your fiance and a Celebrant. And your guests if it is a small minimalist wedding. You can legalize your union anytime with a quick signing appointment at your local registry office. Everything else is extra! Our favourite Wedding Celebrant

Have your Eco wedding - where YOU want it!

Outdoor Ceremony with couple in the sea and wedding celebrant

Because you are having a small minimalist wedding with a handful of guests, your ceremony and reception can be a no-frills minimalist outdoor location with a truly minimal backdrop, the "blank canvas of nature" wedding venue is the way to go. For those of you who love a more organic aesthetic style, holding your wedding outdoors, in a sea cave or tidal pool, in a forest or woodland clearing, a wildflower meadow or a cliff top with an incredible view will be a natural choice. We offer our couples the best of both worlds as we work with venues if our couples choose to use one and we also offer some amazing ‘secret’ locations for our outdoor lovers too. It’s a win-win outcome all round!

Elopement Wedding Photography

A couple are standing close to one another with their heads touching whilst holding a lantern. The light from inside lights up their faces in the rain.

The key to a successful minimalist wedding is Intentionality. It’s really important when choosing the different suppliers you are using, including your photographers to share your vision with them. Every couple is different and has different needs so when working with a more minimal couple, we as photographers need to be more intentional and careful with how we capture them and their wedding day to stay true to their vision. Fortunately, this is what we do for all our couples, minimalist or not. And we do it well! Our Elopement Photography Page

A close up image of a bride holding her wild flowers. Her hands are covered in henna with painted nails.

Wedding Flowers & Bouquets

The bride’s bouquet, and bouquets for all of her bridesmaids; the groom’s boutonniere, and the boutonnieres for all of his groomsmen; flower arches or aisle arrangements at the wedding ceremony, and centerpieces for the receptions can amount to thousands of flowers that, at the end of the night, can just get tossed in the trash. By choosing to elope, or have a minimalist wedding you’re taking that number from thousands to merely dozens so if flowers and foliage is on your list of your must-haves, we recommend choosing just one type of flower to showcase. Big blooms like peonies, orchids, roses in a similar shade arranged singularly or displayed in large groups look amazing. Silk and dried flowers can look surprisingly good with the minimalist aesthetic! Beautiful bouquets don’t have to be made from exotic expensive blooms. Simple, yet stunning bouquets can be created with wild flowers like daisies. fragrant herbs like rosemary and lavender for a unique looking bouquet. If you are flexible, work with what you find on the day before the wedding, and design your bouquet around it. Check out our Wedding Florist Page

Romantic Picnic from Dine with Iris in Cornwall

Local Wedding Caterers

You do not need the classic many tiered wedding cake for a small minimalist wedding. Make a fake cake with just the first tier made from real cake if you like the look of a traditional stacked cake or choose another option like wedding cupcakes, donut stands or a dessert table instead. Brunch or an early evening buffet with local and seasonal produce will keep your food budget in check. The beauty of eloping is that not only do you save thousands on food (whose leftovers can get tossed, leading to even more waste), but you can take a more local, farm-to-table approach with your meals that larger caterers can’t always provide. Deliver leftovers to a food bank or shelter near your elopement location or bring some containers for leftovers. Our favourite wedding caterers

Choose sustainable eco-friendly fabric and sources for your outfits

Kissing Wedding Couple in Cornwall at Nanjizal Beach with big waves

When it comes to shopping for your wedding dress or suit, look for styles with clean, structured, simple lines, solid colors and soft, muted motifs. Neutral, natural color palettes like black, navy, cream, white, or taupe work beautifully too. To keep your wedding sustainable, you can hire or rent your wedding dress, buy it on sale or second-hand shops or source it online. Oxfam, Etsy and Asos are good places to startRemember to start your search early. You can make the most of treasured family jewels, brooches, pendants by using these items to create and build your outfit around. You can also wear a wedding dress with an illusion neckline or longer sleeves to minimize the need for any jewelry to maintain a minimalist look. Take advantage of the mix-and-match trend by choosing the color palette and let your attendants have the freedom to pick their own outfits. Your bridal party will feel better about spending money on an outfit they can wear again.

sustainable wedding ring
Wedding Ring & Band in Sand

Wedding Ring & Bands

Beautiful Cornish Wedding Rings

Ethically sourced, beautiful gemstones and diamonds are available for you to choose from too. Our favourite Contemporary jewellery manufacturer, Justin and his team create stunning pieces that are part of Cornwall, literally. The pieces are inspired and created by their love of the ocean and the rugged landscape. Check out his amazing Wedding Ring Page

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Eco Friendly Elopement Wedding Venue Cornwall – minimalist – sustainable & quirky

Cornwall Elopements is a beautiful, memorable, sustainable wildly romantic eco friendly wedding venue Cornwall high on the cliff tops, overlooking the crashing waves on the ocean’s edge in Cornwall. We are , a one-of-a-kind Wedding Cornwall perched high on the cliffs of Cornwall’s South Coast, is just two minutes’ drive and a stones-throw from the picturesque little harbour town of Porthleven. With ample parking on site, it is highly accommodating and conveniently placed for you to walk and explore the local restaurants, pubs, gift shops and sights during your Wedding or Honeymoon in Cornwall. Elopement Wedding Cornwall, Elopement Wedding. Sustainable Wedding, Minimalist Wedding , Minimalist Wedding, Minimalist Wedding 

Wedding Venue Cornwall – sustainable & wild

We advise our couples to make a list of their key priorities for the day and rate the must-haves against the things that you could do without. This will help you see where you can save or spend a bit more. You may want to provide a fine-dining experience for your guests or spend a bit more on your music, whether that is a DJ, String Quartet or live band. By prioritizing your wants, needs and must-haves, you can make wise choices. By thinking about your values as a couple, you can create a day that really reflects you both.

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Minimalists eco friendly Elopement for just us the Two

Many just us the two weddings just end up being an extravagant show and are not about actually celebrating your love in front of the people who matter to you. Many couples find the pressure overwhelming and don’t enjoy being engaged. A minimalist wedding gives you a better chance of making the most of what you have and enjoying every moment without worrying too much.

minimalist quirky romantic tips & advice for your elopement

Keeping it simple will allow you to designate money to the more important aspects of your small wedding and not worry about impressing guests or how they will judge you, it will also allow you to keep your carbon footprint small, saving the planet too.Minimalist wedding

More and more engaged couples are favoring a simpler wedding, so here are our top tips to help you plan your own eco-friendly minimalist small wedding or elopement Cornwall.

Local Suppliers – Support small businesses in Cornwal

Think about the parts of a wedding that you’ll be most likely to remember like sharing a toast with your closest loved ones, dancing together as newly-weds, and the moment you both say “I do!” and share your first kiss. If you can focus on how you want your day to feel and not on what the day will look like, it will help you avoid the pressure to overspend in areas that are all about appearances. By taking the necessary steps, anyone can reduce their carbon footprint. Remember that no matter how small the gesture is, the impact can be astronomical, especially if we all do our part.

When you remove all the excess from your wedding, you’re able to focus on what actually matters and what’s truly important for you.


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